10 Great WinterBoard Themes For iOS 7 (Jailbreak)



Here’s our top 10 Winterboard Themes for iOS 7

It wasn’t too long ago that the possibility of never seeing an update for Winterboard in iOS 7 was lingering around the web, but thankfully Cydia Founder, Jay Freeman also known as Saurik who is the developer behind Winterboard, decided to change his mind and provide an update to the beloved theme app, Winterboard. Because of the drastic changes from iOS 6 to iOS 7, the older Winterboard themes don’t apply to iOS 7, meaning that a whole new set of themes needed to be created to make this update to Winterboard worth downloading.

Of course, it hasn’t taken long for themers to collaborate iOS 7 themes, and we’re sure to see more prospective themers releasing more themes in the coming days. For now though, we’ve put together a list of what we think the 10 best looking Winterboard themes are for iOS 7. If you liked to see more information about the update to Winterbaord for iOS 7, you can check out the full article here. Winterboard is a app downloaded through Cydia, which requires your device to be jailbroken. If you’d like more information on the iOS 7 jailbreak or how to jailbreak your device, be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this article.



Solstice improves on the stock UI by adding long shadows and more modern colors to give apps a feeling of real depth. This looks particularly good with the iOS 7 parallax effect, as Solstice adds depth of its own with its unique shadowing effect. This is currently my favorite iOS 7 Winterboard theme and best of all, it’s free to download within the Cydia app in the Modmyi repository. Currently Solstice supports over 90 app icons with designer John Bussell claiming to add more on a daily basis.

Obscure 7


The Obscure 7 theme remains true to its name by leaning away from the norm in designing iOS themes. Rather than rely on flashy icons with bright eye-popping colors, Obscure 7 focuses on bringing a sleek and simple design that will cater to anyone’s love of black and white. It offers black on white, or white on black, making it a good choice to bring out the black or white design color of your phone. It’s not the most flashy theme out there, but it remains to be one of the best looking ones regardless. You can download Obscure 7 in Cydia from the Modmyi repository for $0.99



Flat 7 gives overhaul to all of the stock Apple icons, with a growing number of third-party apps, and with a massive 60,000 plus downloads, it’s safe to say this has been a popular theme for iOS 7. Going against the grain of Apple’s new parallax depth features, Flat7 tries to help flatten things up a bit. The theme removes shadows from the icons as well as adding more solid colors, it’s a great theme to add some simplicity to your device, without losing the great looking colors. Flat 7 was designed by Nick Viveriros and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository on Cydia. iPad support is said to be on its way.



This theme is a recreation of Flat7, which offers a oil-based finish to the Flat7 design, and offers some additional icons not available in Flat 7. To me, this comes across as a great theme for artists, especially ones that specialize in oil paintings, any painting at all really. Oil7 was designed by Zutx and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository free within Cydia. Finding high-quality themes for free can be a challenge in itself, making this one worth the download.



M’flat is a very nature-oriented theme for iOS 7, offering lots of app icons with beautiful outdoor settings. On paper it sounds like it would just be a mess of images on your home page, but the app does wonders in deliver this nature driven theme. Part of what helps this theme mesh together is the color balance, colors like grey, green, and blue seeming to be the standard, help keep all the images look like they’ve come from the same theme. Several variations of M’flat have been popping up the last few weeks, showing that people not only love this theme, but want to add to it. The theme is not yet supported in Cydia and needs to be manually installed using a file browsing application like iTools, iFunBox, or any similar program that allows jailbreak data transfers.

Zanilla 2


Zanilla 2, like Solstice offers a sleeker looking color palette with a shadowy effect to add more depth to your icons. Unlike Solstice, Zanilla 2 uses lighter and shorter shadows, to me both themes look great, but as always personal preference will have to be where you decide which to install your device. It uses plenty of gorgeous looking apps, but many third-party apps are vacant in the current version. Currently Zanilla 2 is not available on Cydia and needs to be installed manually with a file transfer application like iTools or iFunbox.

Space Blueberry


Space Blueberry offers a ton of great looking variations of stock and third-party apps. Rather than just add to the original app like many themes have done, Space Blueberry gives most apps a total makeover, and with over 70 icons included with the theme, you should find a good amount of support. Particularly some of the apps look better than others, but each adds some type of cartoony effect, giving the theme a semblance of balance. The theme is currently only supported on iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded in the ModMyi repository on Cydia for free.



RocketSauce adds a unique curved border, with redesigned app logos to your iOS device. The theme was initially intended to cover the entire iOS user interface, while it’s not completely finished it still adds plenty of features including Chatkit, Fallback Loading Screen, Lockscreen, Music Player, Phone Dialer, Folder Switcher, and a few others. RocketSauce is designed by Collins and received its name based on a anti-piracy promotional video by Jack Black, where he uses the term. You can purchase RocketSauce for $2.99 on the ModMyi repository within Cydia.



Aura is a elegantly designed theme that not only gives apps a nice squircle like shape, but it also gives a beautiful, yet simplistic art style to many apps. Rather than add to the icons, Aura seems to simplify them by giving nice solid colors for the outer part and a small, but good looking logo in the center. Aura also comes with a few great looking wallpapers that fit well with the theme’s recreated icons and a redesigned Wi-Fi status icon. You can download Aura from Cydia on the ModMyi repository for $1.99

Soft Remix for iOS 7


Last, but certainly not last on the list is Soft Remix for iOS 7. It revamps the popular Suave HD theme, giving the springboard a gorgeous overhaul, and reducing the icon size slightly with “squircle” edges. Third-party app icons seem to still work well with the theme, regardless of the shape and size make-over. Plenty of third-party icons are supported and designer Eduardo Lopez is taking requests for third-party apps to add to the theme. There are two separate themes available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Best of all, this is yet another free theme to download on the BigBoss repository in Cydia.


It’s only been a few weeks since we received the 64-bit update to WinterBoard and to have a list of 10 solid themes is impressive to say the least. This isn’t to say that these are the only good themes available on iOS 7 either. Themers across the board are working to release and update current themes every day, so far we’ve seen more of the standard fresh overhaul themes, but I would expect to start seeing media specific themes starting to surface sooner than later. My hope is to see a excellent Pokemon theme released for iOS 7, something that will tend to my 1st generation nostalgia. Of course, the best way to get a theme that you’re looking for, is to request them, theme designers are great at what they do, but often times have trouble decided on what theme to create. We’re definitely look forward to seeing what the future of WinterBoard themes in iOS 7 have to offer, no doubt we’ll see better and better themes as we move through Q1 of 2014.

We’d love to hear what your favorite themes are or if you have themes to add to the list, make sure and post your comments below and check back at PocketMeta for more lists of great mobile themes. You can also like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and add us to your circles in Google+ to keep yourself up to date on all things mobile.

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