10 New iOS Games (Oct 1)


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The first week of October is now upon us, and right away we’ve got a whole set of new iOS games to try out. I’ve got 10 games to take a look at today, but I wouldn’t call this a strong week by any means — although we could definitely have some sleepers in this bunch. Stingy gamers will be pleased to know that six of the ten games on this weeks list are free to download, and two are just a dollar. There’s a lot of Arcade type games and a lot of these games look very basic, with a couple of exceptions.

Remember, if you’re reading this on the 1st, not all of these links to the games will be live until 9:00 PM PST. If you missed last weeks batch of new iOS games, you can catch up by checking out the list from September 24th.

The Magnificent Pixel DestinyThe magnificent Pixel Destiny

Kicking off the month of October we have The Magnificent Pixel Destiny, which looks a bit too retro for my liking, but offers an interesting concept. This is a single player game with a constant passive multi-player layered over the top. Players will build their castle and strategically place their units in order to defend the castle.

When you invade another castle, it’s always going to be another player’s castle — except it will be controlled by AI. Much like Clash of Clans, but the twist here is that each of your units has it’s own name, backstory, and statistics. The Magnificent Pixel Destiny is free to start out, but requires a one-time IAP to unlock more of the game.

Kawaii Killer Plushy EditionKawaii Killer Plushy Edition

Back in July, I wrote about how Kawaii Killer was pulled from the App Store after being accepted and live for several days. Now, Tabemasu Games has finished ‘adjusting’ the game, which basically means turning off the blood and gore. The fuzzy creatures still die, but instead of bleeding out, they’ll get the stuffing ripped out of them. Deaths are still gruesome, as there are hangings, beheadings, and other assorted means of execution.

Spirits of SpringSpirits of Spring

Next up we have Spirit of Spring, a 3D Adventure game with a heavy emphasis on story-telling, exploration, and transformation. You play as a young Native boy stuck in an area where it’s Winter all the time, and on top of that you’re being haunted by crows. Use nature as your ally to survive. This is the most expensive game of the week, and arguably the best looking, but after watching some Gameplay it looks kind of stale — we’ll have to wait and see to be sure though.

Adventure XpressAdventure Xpress

Adult Swim usually delivers a pretty entertaining game, and this time they’re teaming up with PikPok to create a very unique match 3 style game. The underlying concept of match 3 is still there, but Adventure Xpress throws in a few different twists — such as being able to execute non-match combos by sacrificing a turn. It’s another one of the several free games this week, and definitely one to check out simply because it’s coming from two great developers.

Star Warfare 2: PaybackStar-Warfare-2_Payback_news3

I just recently mentioned this on the iOS Games to look for this October list, and as far as I know it is still being released tonight. Star Warfare 2 is a Third Person Shooter sequel with some really cool Visuals and a very intriguing Gameplay. I haven’t played the first game, but to me, this almost looks like a mini-Halo or NOVA — which could be great if it’s well executed. The original Star Warfare is free to download, so I’m guessing this will be the same.

I am a Brave KnightI am a brave knight

You can almost count on Bulkypix releasing a new game every week, but this one seems to be a little more out there than anything we’ve seen from them recently. It’s a word typing game that is more story driven than anything else. All I really know about this one is that it’s supposed to be very short and simple.

Copy That ShapeCopy That Shape

  • Price: $0.99
  • Genre: Drawing/Reaction
  • Developer: Devon Shelly

Copy That Shape is pretty self-explanatory, as your one objective in the game is to replicate whatever shape appears on screen. It sounds simple, and it is simple, but gets progressively difficult with each new shape. You’re constantly racing against the clock in an effort to get the highest score and copy the most shapes. For a $1 it doesn’t sound too bad, and will help improve your touch screen drawing skills as well.

Evil Brown EggsEvil Brown Eggs

Even though this one was supposed to be released last month on the 9th, it inevitably was delayed and pushed back to October. It should definitely be out tonight, and this is probably the most excited I’ve been for a simple Arcade game in quite a while. Not sure if its the lack of overwhelming competition, or if I’m just intrigued by the egg character customization.


Yet another free Arcade game, this one goes by the name Absorption. The goal is to avoid hitting the walls while absorbing enemies to score points. You can unlock special power ups by surviving longer, and get combo points by absorbing multiple enemies at once. This game has simple tap and swipe controls that are supposed to be easy to learn, and the developer promises that the game will be highly addicting.

Mad Finger MarathonMad Finger

The last game on our list is of course — you guessed it, another free Arcade game. Mad Finger Marathon is perhaps the most simple game of the week, as all you need to do is swipe your fingers to run down the track. Swipe as fast as you can to cover the most distance possible in the small amount of time given.

And that does it for the first week of October! Be sure to leave a comment below and share which game you’re most excited for this week. If you’re eager to find out what else this month has in store for iOS gaming, make sure you take a look at our list of iOS Games to look for this month!