12 New iOS Games (Sept 24)


Another week of new iOS games is headed your way, and we’ve got 12 games on our radar that you should be on the lookout for tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for as many games as I am this week, as there’s at least five games that I definitely want to play. There is a really good mix of genres this week, as well as some very unique concepts that I haven’t seen before — so get ready, because it’s going to be a good week in the mobile gaming world!

If you happened to miss last weeks batch of new iOS games, you can check them out right here.


  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: Arcade/Shooter
  • Developer: Bento

First on the list today is Cosmophony, which is a shooter with a rather interesting sub-genre: music. The game is driven by it’s background drum and bass music, and the soundtrack is 100% unique, designed specifically for the game. It has sleek HD graphics, constant 60 FPS, and guarantees to be challenging. Personally, this is one of the games this week that I’m very excited to try out, and hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

Cursed Treasure 2cursed treasure 2

One of the two new Tower Defense games this week is Cursed Treasure 2, which features more of a cartoon style compared to it’s predecessor. The sequel offers up 21 unique levels to play through, with a wide variety of different towers and skills to utilize as you fend off waves of enemies. Visually, the game looks very smooth, with some of the more detailed and polished graphics I’ve seen in a 16-bit game.

Air Race Speedair race speed

Fly through space at lightning fast speeds as you race through a variety of sc-fi tracks. In total, there are 35 different racetracks available in Air Race Speed, as well as 9 unique jets to fly, and three different game modes. The game promises smooth controls, giving players the option of either tilt or touch controls. Air Race Speed also has built-in leaderboards so you can compete with your friends and players across the globe. One thing I’m skeptical about is the fact that it’s always a race against time, and never real-time against other players — only their high scores.


  • Price: Free
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: Paramount

It seems to be a new trend for a mobile game to be released to coincide with a new feature film. We’ve seen it with super-hero movies all the time, but it seems to be more frequent with all genres of movies (see Boxtrolls, Maze Runner, etc). Anyways, this week we’ve got Interstellar, a space simulator game based on the new Christopher Nolan film. Interstellar allows players to create their own solar system, and fully customize every aspect of it from the planets to the asteroids.

Make sure you check out Pocketmeta’s full review of Interstellar (Android version, but same game).

Anomaly Defendersanamoly defenders

  • Price: $4.99
  • Genre: Tower Defense
  • Developer: Chillingo

Chillingo is back with a visually stimulating tower defense game by the name of Anomaly Defenders. It’s definitely got a different artwork style than Cursed Treasure 2, the other tower defense game coming out today, and it looks absolutely fantastic. Anomaly Defenders has 24 playable levels, 8 types of upgradeable towers, and a unique tech point tree so you can build you own unique strategy of defense. This could easily be the best game of the week, and any tower defense fan should definitely check it out.

If you’re looking to score Anomaly Defenders for a cheaper price, you can get the Android version (along with several other droid/PC games), in the Humble Bundle 11 for a very low price.

Johnny Scraps: Clash of Dimensionsjohnny scrap

Johnny Scraps: Clash of Dimensions, features an unlikely hero for a hack and slash game: a pig. This game has several different mechanics which must be utilized in order to effectively defeat your enemies, and the developer promises hours of fun. It’s only a dollar, but there’s also a free version available so you can try it out before investing that entire dollar into the game. Ten unique game modes, over 100 challenges to complete, and one pig await.

Puzzle Warrior Adventurepuzzle warrior

  • Price: Free
  • Genre: Puzzle/RPG
  • Developer: Bulkypix

Bulkypix is back again with not one but two new game releases this week, the first of which is Puzzle Warrior Adventure. This game looks quite similar to the Puzzle Quest series from DS and other consoles, which is a great thing to mimic, but only if you can bring new concepts to the table. Puzzle Warrior Adventure uses more of a Tetris style gameplay, as opposed to something like Bejeweled, so it could be an interesting game to try out. It’s one of the three free games this week, so you may as well give it a download if you enjoy games of this genre.

Nimble Squigglesnimble squiggles

  • Price: $0.99
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Developer: Bulkypix

Nimble Squiggles is the other game Bulkypix is releasing this week, and it seems to be more like the games they’ve been releasing as of late. This is another unique puzzler with simple but addicting mechanics. In total, there are 60 different levels to complete, and by the end of the game things get pretty complicated. Since it’s only $1, this could be a great game to add to your puzzler library.

Smarter Than Yousmarter than you

Every so often there’s a game that I have a hard time deciphering what genre it really is, and Smarter Than You was one of those game. Fortunately, the developer labeled it as a “Social Dueling” game, so we’ll go with that. Essentially, this is a 1v1 game where you need to do your best to get into the mind of your opponent. It’s similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with a bit of bluffing involved. You can either play with your friends or against people around the world.

Pumped BMX 2bmx

  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: Sports/Physics
  • Developer: Yeah Us!

I don’t know if I’ve heard of this developer before, but I love their name. Yeah Us! brings us Pumped BMX 2, which is a physics based BMX game that focuses on completing challenges and levels. There is a variety of different tracks you’ll need to complete, and they grow increasingly difficult each time. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of BMX, but I’m interested in seeing how this game handles. Pumped BMX 2 has over 500 challenges for players to work on, which should provide many hours of entertainment.

RGB ExpressRGB express

  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Developer: Bad Crane

One last puzzler, this one from Bad Crane, has you navigating the RGB Express — which makes you responsible for delivering the right packages to the proper residents in the neighborhood. RGB Express has a whopping 240 playable levels, and the developer has promised even more levels to come in free game updates. Early on, the levels are very basic to teach players the mechanics of the game, and it gets progressively difficult every time you move forward. No guarantees, but this looks like it could be a fantastic and addicting, simple little game.

Air Supply: SOSair supply

Last but not least (well, hopefully), is Air Supply: SOS (Save Our Sheep). This game puts you in charge of rescuing sheep with the help of your trusty jetpack. Fly around saving sheep, but make sure you avoid the many hazards that will present themselves and try to get in your way. There’s Aliens, UFOs, and a variety of other things you need to watch out for — including several unique bosses that pose an even greater challenge. Air Supply: SOS has a surprising amount of unlockables and features, and best of all, there are no IAPs or advertisements.

That does it for this weeks new iOS games! Hopefully you were able to find something that is right up your alley. Feel free to share which games you’re the most excited to play, and if we missed anything be sure to include that as well — even if it’s your own game.