20 New iOS Games This Week (August 14)


This week has a pretty extensive, but not too exciting list of games slated for release at midnight August 14th. In total, there are 13 free games, and 4 games that cost just a dollar, with the remaining three ranging from $3-$20. Let’s get started with the list! Remember, links may not be live until the games are released at 8:00PM CST on August 13th.

Corpse Party (5pb.Inc) – $21.99corpse

Corpse Party is a horror themed RPG that takes place in an elementary school. The game is rather expensive, with a pricetag weighing in at $19.99, but the developers promise 20+ hours of gameplay. Every scene in the game is voice acted, which is a plus, and gives a bit more reasoning behind the high price. This could definitely be a great pick-up for any RPG lovers, but no guarantees.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star (Origin8) – $4.99sentinel 4

This new tower defense game by Origin8 looks rather promising, with a lot of big explosions, and a seemingly wide variety of environments. Sentinel 4: Dark Star, boasts a large campaign with 26 massive levels, as well as an Endless mode with marathon paths. There is a ton of room for customization, and intelligent load-outs are a requirement to complete some of the more difficult levels.

Battle Group 2 (Right Pedal Studios) – $2.99battle group2

It’s battleships vs. pirates in Battle Group 2, and it’s up to you to bring the battleships to victory. This is an action packed sea fighter game, with a couple of interesting twists. Battle Group 2 have 30 levels to complete, and 8 different ships to unlock. Retina graphics and professional voice-overs are a nice touch as well.

Pako – Car Chase Simulator (Tree Men Games) – $0.99pako

An interesting spin on making an endless runner game, Pako – Car Chase Simulator, puts you to the test of pro-longing a car chase for as long as possible. There are five different locations to choose from, each with a different vehicle to master. Compete for the high score on the leaderboards in this ad-free, one dollar game.

Gravity Line – $0.99gravity line

If you are looking for something innovative this week, Gravity Line is a good place to start. This game has a ton of different gameplay concepts you’ve probably never seen before, and each level presents it’s own unique challenge.

Spooklands – $0.99spooklands

Spooklands is a survival shooter that promises to bring intense, action-packed chaos to your iOS device. There are three different infinite stages to play on, tons of bosses to defeat, and a wide arsenal of power-ups to collect and utilize.

Is it just me, or does this game remind anyone else of Super Smash TV for the SNES?

Bik: A Space Adventure – $0.99bik

One of the more intriguing games coming tonight is Bik, a retro-style adventure game that uses a 2D point and click interface. Enjoy a little bit of action, a little bit of strategy, and a lot of story driven content. Bik has a handful of puzzles that will also have you occupied for a while. Fans of games like Kings Quest and Monkey Island will definitely enjoy this one.

Candy Block Breaker (Gameloft) – Freecandy breaker

Kicking off the free section of this weeks iOS games, we have Candy Block Breaker by Gameloft. Not a whole lot to get excited about here, as it seems to be another generic block breaker game that is only fun if you go heavy on the IAPs.

Champ Man 15 (Square Enix) – Freechamp man

The newest in the series of Championship Manager games is Champ Man 15 by Square Enix. This is a soccer simulation game that goes extremely in-depth, and is something that die-hard soccer fans will likely enjoy — although the game seems to be a bit too heavy on IAPs.

Far Away Kingdom (Smilegate West) – Freefar away

Far Away Kingdom may look like a small, 16-bit RPG game, but it’s actually pretty massive. 50 different levels to unlock, as well as an entirely different aspect of the game where you work to build and upgrade your kingdom. Tons of monsters and bosses to defeat, and plenty of content to keep you entertained for hours.

Crazy Tofu (Funny Power) – Freetofu

Definitely one of the more odd looking games this week, but there might be something there with Crazy Tofu. This is pretty much an endless runner, but it will eventually end (apparently) if you can manage to guide your Tofu through the entire game. Standard upgrades and power-ups can be unlocked.

WWE Supercard (2K Games) – Freewwe

I can’t say there is a whole lot to get excited about here, as WWE Supercard looks like a pretty lame game. Maybe if you’re a huge WWE fan you could find some enjoyment here, but the ugly interface and overall low quality feel of the game has me saying no.

Happy Cube Death Arena (Tiny Titan) – Freehappycube

Can you save this happy little guy from certain death? Find out in the Happy Cube Death Arena! Try to avoid as many flying objects and painful traps as possible, and score as many points as you can to top the leaderboards. Enjoy a challenging and addicting gameplay, topped with astonishing visuals — and best of all, it’s free! Hopefully this one doesn’t get pulled like Kawaii Killer.

Pillage People (Boomzap) – Freepillage

A massive strategy game with real-time gameplay for both single and multi-player campaigns. Pillage People looks moderately similar to Clash of Clans, but seems to have it’s own unique feel. This one may be worth checking out, especially since it’s a free game, but don’t be surprised to see a lot of waiting and IAPs.

Accidental Spelunking – Freespelunk

Accidental Spelunking is an endless faller, where you try to avoid rocks and other objects, collect coins and gems, all while falling down an endless mine. Upgrade your gear with the coins and gems you collect, to make the fall a little easier next time around.

ArcaneSoul– Freearcane soul

A side-scroller, hack and slash RPG — which is a genre I’ve never been too fond of personally. ArcaneSoul claims to have three different characters to choose from, and 47 different skills to unleash on your opponents.

EXO: Planetary Defender – Freeexo

EXO is a fast-paced 2D space shooter, somewhat similar to the classic Asteroids game. You play as a stationary turret, and you need to destroy incoming projectiles and objects before they destroy your planet. Collect powerups as the game goes on to help you take out more enemies. This looks to be a fun survival game with no real campaign, but could still be moderately addicting.

Melissa K and the Heart of Gold – Freemelissa k

Those who enjoy hidden object games might be excited for this one. Melissa K and the Heart of Gold has 30 different hidden object scenes to explore, and 30 unique puzzles to solve as well. Three difficult settings are available to give advanced players a challenge, and allow beginners to enjoy all of the content as well.

MINDTRIS – Freemindtris

MINDTRIS is a simple indie game that combines elements of Tetris with basic Math. It will test your brain in a couple of different ways, but is still simple enough for just about anybody to enjoy playing. This is a small game that is free to download, so definitely worth checking out if you’re into Tetris type games.

Star Saver – Freestar saver

Last, but hopefully not least, is Star Saver — a platformer/puzzler game with some unique concepts. There are 24 levels to play through in Star Saver, as well as an open world option. Unlock 10 unique abilities, battle a wide variety of enemies, all while exploring the vast world and enjoying the relaxing soundtrack.