4 addictive games for smartphone newcomers



It might seem as though the entire population of our planet has a smartphone and/or a tablet. This is not true because the large percentage of tablet and smartphone first-timers just recently got their first Android or iOS device this Christmas, and they are not all children. For those of you who are less familiar with the contents of Google Play, I have compiled a small list of games that look and perform well on smaller screens, and have great user reviews.

It is amazing how many things you can do and information you can access with your smartphone – from pasting a beard to any face on a photograph, to finding a stranger in your proximate vicinity who would like to have sex with another stranger. So, Google Maps is no longer an online wonder capable of displaying cinemas and restaurants on your radar.

Smartphone is the ultimate toy and pacifier to keep us entertained at all times, and games come in a staggering variety. Here are some that you might want to try out in the first place.

Candy Crush Saga

It is free for Android and iOS users. While it may seem like nothing special at first sight, Candy Crush Saga turns out to be a global gaming phenomenon, with more than half a billion players, and more every day. Why? Because it is pathologically addictive.

It is colorful, attractive, seemingly easy, but catchy puzzle game. Despite getting increasingly challenging, it gives players the satisfaction necessary to keep them coming back for more. In this game, a player has to match all sorts of shiny sweets across the board.

Even though it’s free, Candy Crush developer came up with a sneaky way to trick the immense community of players to spend some money playing the game. Players get a limited number of lives they can spend while playing for free, and once that limit is exhausted, they have to wait for minutes, hours, or sometimes days to get a new batch of free lives. The anxious players end up buying lives through the in-app purchase options; the patient ones get to play for free forever.


Despicable Me

A hilarious runner for fans of the Despicable Me animation features the most adorable characters of the movie – the minions. The graphics are highly detailed, and the minions are pictured with precision and a superb sense of humor. The game is so fast-paced it will challenge your reaction and your device’s processor. While this one may not be the smartphone preferred choice, 7 inch tablets are a perfect fit for Minion Rush.

You get to run through iconic neighborhoods, encounter malicious Vector, collect bananas and use all sorts of Dr.Nefario’s inventions to boost your minions. While the game is free, the in-app purchase options are many, and you can upgrade your arsenal with all sorts of cool gadgets to help your minions run faster and defeat nasty obstacles.

It is fun, addictive, and with a wide variety of themes and neighborhoods, you never get bored, especially if you are under 13.
Subway Surfers

Another runner filled with dangers and challenges of urban maze. The player here is a street hooligan fleeing from a cop along the subway tracks, avoiding oncoming trains, collecting gold coins and other cool goodies. The developers update the game on a monthly basis to keep the players entertained, and they are doing a good job here.


Temple Run 2

Now, this is one of the best Android endless runners in my opinion. The player gets to run through the endless jungle full of danger, traps, tight corners while escaping from a giant monster, a quintessence of a bear and a monkey. The game makes you addicted with the limitless number of challenges and missions, which earn you helpful extras, but you can also buy them.

Players don’t get a chance to enjoy the sceneries; so make sure to hit the pause button from time to time to appreciate the beautiful graphics.