5 Good First Person Shooters for iOS



Everybody loves a good FPS now and then, whether you’re shooting zombies, enemies at war, or futuristic robots – it’s always a good time. That’s why I put together a list of five different First Person Shooter games for iOS that are worth checking out. These aren’t necessarily the very best FPS on the market, or even my Top 5, but they are definitely good games.

5. Call of Duty: Strike Team


If you’re looking for a game with stunning visuals, intense game-play, and is as close as you can get to playing CoD Ghosts – it’s Call of Duty: Strike Team. There’s both Single Player and Multi-Player, with tons of content between the two game modes. You can pick this up for $6.99 in the App Store, and it’s most definitely worth it, considering the amount of content you receive within this single game.

Strike Team also comes fully loaded with a Survival Mode, which tests your ability to fend yourself off against waves of enemies. This is a game mode that can easily keep you occupied for hours trying to beat your previous high score and progress as far in the mission as possible. Again, this is just one of the many game modes available in Strike Team, so check it out!

Fully optimized for the following devices: iPhone 5S/5C plus iPhone 5/4S, iPad Air/4/3/2/Mini & iPod 5

#4 N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

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NOVA 3 has actually been out for quite a while, and has seen continued success with long-term players, mostly thanks to it’s fantastic multi-player. Just as Call of Duty has major competition from Halo on the Xbox, Call of Duty also has major competition with NOVA on tablets and smartphones. Beyond the multi-player, NOVA 3 also offers an intense story-line that is worth playing through more than just once. There’s a lot of unique game-play elements to master in NOVA 3, and it provides an all around special experience for gamers.

Like I said, this game has a sweet multi-player, and there’s actually 7 different game modes available to play – some of them allow up to 12 players to compete in a single match. The games can get epic pretty fast, and it’s not too uncommon to have a match go right down to the very last second.  In-game voice chat is really useful, and makes it all the more intense when you get a match with two well coordinated teams fighting for victory.

Optimized for: iPhone 5, iPad mini & iPad with Retina display

#3 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

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One of my favorite series of FPS on mobile has always been Modern Combat, it reminds me a lot of playing Call of Duty (especially in the campaign), and I enjoy it even more than the actual mobile Call of Duty games. In the fourth edition of Modern Combat, they’ve managed to improve the already awe-inducing graphics from 3, as well as fine tune some important game mechanics. I wouldn’t recommend getting too attached to Modern Combat 4, since the developers have already announced 5 will be coming early this year. However, it’s still a great game and worth playing through – as are the rest of the efforts from the series.

Modern Combat 4 also has a really great multi-player set-up, specifically the intricate load-out system; over 20,000 different combinations are available to choose from. There’s no cookie cutter method to having a perfect load-out, which I think is awesome — it really promotes uniqueness in each individual player’s set-up.

#2 Time Crisis: Second Strike

screen480x480This list isn’t necessarily in any order, but I can’t say this game would legitimately be #2 on a ranked list. However, Time Crisis: Second Strike is still a wonderful addition to any iOS game collection, and a really good replica of classic arcade style FPS games. Despite the fact this is an older game, it’s still $4.99, I feel like that’s a little steep but if you are an enthusiast of arcade style shooters it’s definitely worth the 5 bucks. There’s multiple weapons to utilize, multiple game modes to try, and hours of content to play though.

#1 Blitz Brigade


One of the most fun, addicting, and unique FPS games to hit the iOS market is Blitz Brigade, and if you haven’t played it yet – you need to. Blitz Brigade boasts 120 different playable missions, five unique classes, over 100 weapons, and a ridiculous amount of other things to unlock and master. This game is focused on multi-player, and of course a variety of different game modes to choose from when you face off against your opponents. It’s very easy to get sucked into this game and you can quickly find yourself spending hours and hours leveling up and unlocking more stuff.

The five available classes are Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, and Stealth – every single one of this is very unique, and you’re going to want to master them all. One of the coolest features of Blitz Brigade is the vehicles, you can actually pilot a helicopter! Still not convinced? Check out Pocketmeta’s exclusive Blitz Brigade Review!

You’ve got a lot of options when choosing a new FPS to try out, but hopefully you’ve found something on this list of five that has sparked your interest.