5 New Mobile Games to Freshen Things Up



If you’re getting tired of playing the same games on your mobile device, maybe it’s time to change things up and throw some new titles in there! Here are five games that were recently released, and are definitely worth giving a shot.

Coldfire Keep – iOS Only – $4.99

Although this game may not be appealing to everyone, it’s a fantastic old-school dungeon crawler with an interesting campaign. When I say old-school, I mean old-school — that includes a directional grid and bare minimum visual effects. The dungeon is still interesting to explore, despite not being the most visually appealing, but the character customization is where this game really shines.


Overall, this is a great game to play casually, it doesn’t require you to be on your toes, and it’s actually pretty relaxing throughout. The price-tag is a bit hefty for what you’re given, but taking into account there are no in-app purchases, $5 sounds like a great deal.

Bug Heroes 2 – iOS Only – $0.99

Here we have an awesome 3D game with a MOBA-esque style of gameplay. You can play alone, with friends/strangers, or against friends/strangers, as you work to defend your stash of food. This game has a fantastic blend of fast-paced, intense combat, and strategic elements that keep it from going stale. A variety of different game modes keeps the player from doing the same thing over and over, and over 100 different heroes/enemies gives you a lot to learn and master.


Despite not having the smoothest visuals, Bug Heroes 2 is a steal for $0.99; although there are in-app purchases as you’d expect.

Second Chance Heroes – iOS Only – $0.99

Quite possible the major highlight of this list, a highly-anticipated title, and a well-rounded game in general. Not only will you have a lot of fun playing Second Chance Heroes, you may even learn a history lesson or two along the way. This game puts you in the shoes of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc, as you battle through a clone world — while using some heavy artillery.


Intense combat, challenging puzzles, hilarious dialogue, and much more await. You’ll be offered in-app purchases, but honestly they’re not necessary at all, and only serve to speed up your progress/make the game easier.

Word Mage – iOS Only – $1.29

Finally all of those word searches you did as a kid are going to pay off, well, if “paying off” is equivalent to helping you dominate in a mobile game. Word Mage mixes classic RPG elements with a small grid of letters which is used to determine how you fare in combat. A lot of strategy comes into place, and a keen eye goes a long way when playing this game.


Word Mage offers a variety of different power-ups to unlock, spells to cast, and plenty of different enemies to fight against. No in-app purchases, and a relatively cheap price makes Word Mage a really great addition to any arsenal of games.

Tengami – iOS Only – $4.99

Saving the most unique for last, leaves us with Tengami. This game features some crazy, beautiful visuals, as well as challenging, engaging puzzles. Players aren’t bogged down by a heavy interface, there isn’t a magical arrow guiding your every move, and this makes the game difficult — yet enticing to play for hours. If you’re looking for something new and out of the ordinary, definitely give Tengami a try.


Just like Coldfire Keep, it’s a $5 purchase, but don’t forget, there are no in-app purchases; that goes a long way in my book.