Adult Swim’s Fist Puncher makes its way into Google Play


Fist Puncher

Fist Puncher IconFist Puncher [Android]

Developer: Team2Bit
Publisher: Adult Swim
Price: $9.99
Genre: 2D Side-scrolling Action

Side-scrolling games with retro influences are a strange bunch. Some of them drive the genre forward with cool innovations, others fall victims to silly mistakes and a lot of them are redeemed simply because we look at them with rose-tinted glasses that remind us of our younger days where everything was forgiven. And to be honest, I am not sure which place Fist Puncher falls into.

The title, which was successfully crowdfunded almost two years ago, has enjoyed a moderate level of success in Steam where reviewers seem torn in regards to how they feel about it. Instead of delving into that discussion, let me tell you what you can do in the game. Fist Puncher features almost 20 different characters, more than 50 levels and 100+ items you can use to wreak havoc, including standard things like guns and explosives as well as nearby animals and cars. Despite the name, the game will let you employ all sorts of lethal ways apart from your fists.

Fist Puncher Gameplay 1

As you can see, the game is largely inspired by titles of the NES era, both in its art style and its overall aesthetic. The story, settings, and characters are simply insane. Just to give you a few examples, you will have to fight a criminal mastermind called Milkman who has kidnapped the Miss Fist Puncher contestants, an adventure that will take you to some very weird places, including a nude beach.

Fist Puncher Gameplay 2

While I cannot tell you whether the game is worth the $10 or not, I can already tell you that you will have a love or hate relationship with this one. Some people cannot stand the art style at all while others will adore it. The same goes for the game’s humor. Personally I really enjoy beating up virtual enemies in retro graphics so there is that.