Amazon Prime Music will finally have streaming stations with unlimited skips and no ads


Amazon Prime Music Stations

It is no secret that Amazon’s Prime Music service is seriously lackluster when compared to dedicated music streaming platforms like Spotify, Rdio and Google Play Music. Now, however, Amazon has decided to include one of the features that makes the aforementioned services so popular: streaming stations.

Up until now Prime Music users could create playlists as well as browse among those curated by staff and other users alike but there was no option to simply stream like a radio. Now, users will have access to music stations without ads and with unlimited skips. The stations are a bit basic as there are not a lot of options and the choices are sometimes questionable but those are not very important complaints.

If you like a song that you hear on the streaming station you can add it to your library, give it a thumbs up and even download it in your device for offline listening. The music player is pretty good and it also offers notification playback controls which is always nice to see.

Amazon has long said that Prime Music is a complementary addition to its main Prime service and cannot really compete with dedicated music streamers. Of course, if you are already paying for Prime, the Music services should be more than enough and will save you quite a lot of money without too many drawbacks.

The update should be arriving in your Play Store and App Store sometime in the next few days.