Angry Birds Stella is Coming September 4th



Way back in March, Rovio (developer of Angry Birds) released a teaser for what seemed to be a new medieval version of the game, which turned out to be Angry Birds Epic. A month before that, on Valentine’s Day, they also announced Angry Birds: Stella, which would be yet another addition to the popular franchise. Even though Angry Birds Epic was announced later, it got released first, but now Stella is getting it’s release date — September 4th. Although there are still no details about the gameplay in Stella, we’ve got the cinematic trailer to tide you over until we know more.

Hopefully Rovio was able to come up with a few new features to breathe life into the series, which has become a lot of re-hashed material in new environments. Personally, I’m expecting this to be another traditional Angry Birds game, as there hasn’t really been any inclination it would be anything else. Rovio has thrown a few curve-balls at the Angry Bird audience in the past, with games like Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Go, which were completely different concepts than the original.

Time will tell, but for now we’ll have to wait to see what Rovio has in store. Pricing has yet to be announced, but typically these games don’t go for more than a dollar on the app store (and usually free on Android). Let us know if you’re excited for yet another installment in the Angry Birds series, by voicing your opinion in the comments section below.