AntiTracker tweak lets you find out when someone tracks you with Find My Friends

Cezar Renta

Find My Friends is one of Apple’s apps and allows you to track the location of family members and friends, but they can also track yours. While this is perfectly fine when you decide to use this feature, it can also happen that someone close to you enables it behind your back and you are unknowingly tracked. If you have a jailbroken iOS device, AntiTracker tweak can fix the problem.

In case you are suspecting someone might be enabling Find My Friends on your phone, you can use AntiTracker tweak to be alerted if and when that person actually tries to track you.

The tweak will display a notification when your device detects its location is being used for the Find My Friends app. This usually takes place in the background, so the app doesn’t normally notify the user when someone pings for their location.

AntiTracker tweak will alert you of being tracked in banner notifications but also on the Lock Screen.

If someone would try to track you without you knowing about it, they would likely enable location tracking on your device when you’re not paying attention and might even hide the Location Services icon from the status bar.

Even if you manually disable location services for Find My Friends someone could still tinker with your phone and change those settings behind your back. As a result, if you have reasons to be worried about your privacy, AntiTracker tweak gives you peace of mind, knowing you will find out if someone tries to track your location, and you can also prevent them from seeing it.

AntiTracker tweak

The tweak adds a new app icon to your Home Screen from where you can access its configuration panel. The available options allow you to enable/disable the tweak on demand, set the message that appears in the notification, select the notification sound, hide your location from the person who’s trying to track you and view the event log.

What do you think about AntiTracker and did you ever needed to use it?

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