Apple’s Free App of the Week is ProCam 2


ProCam 2

Another week has just gone by and it is finally time for a new Free App of the Week, courtesy of Apple. ProCam 2 is this week’s selection, a photo and video editor available for both iPhone and iPad. The app usually costs $1.99 and has a 4.5 star rating in both versions with more than 1800 reviews.

The photo and video editing capabilities are not limited to photos you have already taken. The app includes some very robust tools for capturing that perfect photo or video with a Night Mode, face detection features, “smart” HDR, a decent variety of filters, Anti-Shake support and more. If you are running iOS 8, the app also offers an extension that allows you to edit content from Apple’s Photos app. Finally, a $4.99 in-app purchase allows you to capture 4K video on iPhone 5s and later with most reviews pointing out that it works great.

Do not be concerned about the in-app purchase as it is a completely optional utility while the rest of the app’s tools (and they are many) are included for free. If you are interested, I highly suggest you check out the iPhone or iPad versions of the app.