ASUS – Google partnership may continue in 2014 with plans to make 3rd gen Nexus 7 and new wearable devices


It seems ASUS is getting things done right for Google as ASUS CEO Jerry Shen stated the two companies are already discussing the possibility of producing 3rd gen Nexus & tablets. The first two versions of Nexus tablets are both made by ASUS so it would seem like a natural decision to let them carry on with the third, unless we’re to consider Google’s habit of breaking such partnerships before they pass the 2 year mark.

Shen also revealed ASUS intends to launch wearable devices in  2014, at the next Computex tech fair with no further details. Considering the growing popularity of smartwatches during the past year, it would be the logical choice of product. Nevertheless, ASUS didn’t feed us any additional info except they’ll be “wearable devices” so who knows what they’re planning in the attempt of impressing the world? We’ll just have to wait until June 3-7 because that’s when the Computex fair is set to take place.