How To: Automatically Backup iOS Full-Res Images To Google+



If you find it tedious to have to upload full quality images to your Google+ account from your iOS device, than this solution may save you a bit of time.

Social Media and mobile devices seem to go hand in hand today, while the desktop may have been the primary scene for social media management at one time, the increase in hardware ability in mobile devices have changed that drastically. I can’t remember the last time I saw my wife use any social media on her laptop, she’ll even use her laptop, while browsing social media sites on her phone. Google+ like most other social networks tries to give mobile users as much control over their account on mobile platforms as they have on their computers.

To further enhance the experience, Google+ has received a large number of improvements for its iOS app. Some of the new enhancements provide features that are built with the mobile user specifically in mind. One of those features is the ability for iOS users to instantaneously backup their videos and photos in full-resolution. This means that you no longer have to spend time individually uploading photos or videos to your Google+ account. To save you the time of having to figure out how to set this nifty feature up, we’ve thrown together a few quick steps to setup your automated backup for your videos and photos.

Step One: When you first setup the Google+ app on your device, you’ll be prompted with the option to “Back up your photos” during setup. If you selected not to during setup, step two will go over how to turn this on manually.


Step Two: You can also turn Auto Backup on, by going to the menu icon on the top left of the app. From the Menu you’ll want to open the settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. Note: Both icons are highlighted in yellow in the images below.

google01 google02

Step Three: From the settings menu, at the top you’ll have a option to turn Auto Backup on or off, once you turn it on it will bring you to a menu with specific backup options. Under the backup options, you’ll be able to choose to backup items in full-size, which if you turn off full-size your photos and videos will be compressed before uploading. You can set it to backup on Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and Cellular data, though to preserve data usage and battery usage, it’s probably best to let all the photos and videos just upload while you’re on a Wi-Fi network.

google04 google5

Step Four: Once you’ve selected all the options within the Auto Backup settings, your device will then proceed to automatically backup, and upload all your photos and videos to your Google+ account.

You can download the Google+ app on the AppStore. Current version 4.6.1 requires iOS 6.0 or later and works with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. Be sure to leave any questions or comments below and check back at PocketMeta for more mobile news, guides, and reviews.