Badland update adds ‘Daydream’ level pack, free for a limited time only on iOS


Badland Daydream

Badland is one of the most gorgeous games to ever have come out on the mobile gaming scene. Although simple in its gameplay, the game has garnered positive reviews from publications and users alike with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 and millions of downloads across the globe. Now, the game has been updated with a new level pack dubbed ‘Daydream’.

Daydream adds 10 brand new levels, 30 missions and 5 new achievements. Users can even navigate the new levels with SNORF who is, for those unfamiliar with the games, one of the multiplayer characters. Although I have not played the new level pack just yet, the release video for Daydream shows that the game is as pretty as ever and the pack is probably well worth it.

As the game features a different model on Android and iOS devices, the developers have chosen to make the new Daydream pack free only on iOS and only for a limited time as sort of a Christmas present. Do remember that the main game is free on Android but costs $4 on iOS so you can understand why this decision was made. Users of iOS that want to get Daydream have to update Badland, go into the Single Player menu and choose the ‘Get Full Pack Free’ option on the Daydream menu before the offer expires.

Get the app now on iTunes or Google Play and make sure you watch the release video for Daydream below.