Bardbarian Released For iOS iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad



Bardbarian: The tale of a Hero Barbarian going ‘Bard’ comes to the iOS platform

Bardbarian recently received the green light from the Steam community for its release on the PC, and to celebrate their achievement, they have released the new title on the iOS platform. The games genre mixes between a more active Tower Defense game with RPG and RTS elements. You should find several similar mechanics and a feeling of familiarity playing Bardbarian. Though the game has many elements of other mobile games, it still feels like something new, with a creative mixture of the genres. The game includes several challenges, 12 units to unlock, 4 Boss encounters,  Endless and Survival modes, and a competitive leader board to keep you engaged.


It’s understandable when you spend your entire life hacking, slashing, collecting loot, and saving your local townfolk from certain destruction on a day to day basis, that you may get sick of that after awhile. Hardcore MMO fans might disagree with that statement, but Brad the Barbarian sure doesn’t. Bardbarian is the story of a heroic barbarian named Brad who decides to turn his Axe into a lute ‘Axe’. Unfortunately for the town folk goblins, skeletons, among other villains aren’t going to rest just because of Brads choice of career change. Brad won’t leave his town folk in dismay though, he uses his new found bard powers to summon followers, use magical powers, and bolsters the fighting prowess of his followers with the shredding of his ‘Axe’.

The initial gameplay in itself is very easy to understand, you control Brad who is always playing his tunes which generate ‘notes’, these notes are used to summon followers like Ninjas, Mages, Archers, and other classes who automatically attack, heal, or buff when in range of enemies. The goal of the game is start in the morning and make it to night, each sections of the day is broken off and can be started at any checkpoint anytime once completed once. Enemies will spawn on the right side of the screen and move to the left trying to destroy the Town Crystal. The game is over when either the Town Crystal is destroyed, Brad dies, or you complete the entire day cycle.

The games main attraction is the abundance of upgrades and unlocks, you’ll be able to upgrade a variety of attributes from how well your party smells (determines how close your party sticks together) to a raccoon who retrieves items for you.  The upgrades are divided into three sections Hero, Units, and Town, each have vital upgrades that you’ll need to progress through the game. There are in-app purchases to buy sacks of gold to purchase upgrades sooner, but the game feels completely balanced and anyone who enjoys playing the game shouldn’t feel the need to throw down extra cash.

The developers have stated that they plan to include multiplayer, more units, levels, and even a world map. It’s easy to tell how much effort and hard work the developers at TreeFortressGames’s Workshop put into the game, so I would expect that these promised updates are sure to come. You can purchase Bardbarian on the iOS App Store for only $0.99 currently, which is honestly a great deal for a fun title that can easily offer hours of enjoyable play.

Download: Bardbarian on the App Store

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