Best Android Games of the Week [17-Dec-2014]


Kids animal playgroundKids Animal Playground PRO $4.99 by Jan Essig – Fun & Educational Games for kids
Genre: Educational

One for the kids – Playground is aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, and comes loaded with 12 games designed to provide entertainment and developmental boost to your kids, as they learn to interact with your gizmo. The games included in Playground were designed for children as young as two years old, but the complexity increases and children up to six years will be able to find a challenging game here. These games are also fine for the parents spending time with their children playing, or having your kids keep quiet for an hour of an entertaining and educational gameplay.

The games include activities in art, music, logic and memory, puzzles and spatial awareness areas, so that your children will develop the necessary skills, such as matching and discriminating, problem solving, persistence, fine and visual motor skills, understanding of object permanence. The app respects your privacy, so it comes without ads, external links, Internet purchases, social media sharing or data collection and tracking. If has received very positive user feedback, so if you’re looking for developmental games for you children, make sure you try out Kids Animal Playground.

EvaderEvader Free by Thumbcrusher Games
Genre: Arcade

Thumbcrusher Games is an independent developer, and Evader just launched on Google Play, with its brilliant pixel art and challenging Flappy Bird-like gameplay that will test your reflexes. In fact if Flappy Bird where to marry Super Hexagon, Evader would have been their first born. It is incredibly challenging and sometimes impossibly difficult twitch game set in the pixel setting reminiscent of the good old sci-fi of the early 90s, with nice recognizable nods to Star Wars and Star Trek. You control the spaceship on its way into a beautiful far away, but you have to dodge asteroids in order to survive. That’s that – quite a simplistic premise, but the game inevitably sucks you in with that “just one more time” promise of a better score next time. The game features 8 unlockable ships, each coming with its own background and soundtrack, and two types of power-ups. The game supports leader boards, results sharing via Twitter, and offers quick and fun gameplay sessions. We totally loved the music and the artwork, so Evader is a competent, charming and completely free title, zero in-app purchases.

marvelMarvel Contest of Champions Freemium by Kabam
Genre: Action

Kabam releases several AAA titles per month, and we are impatiently waiting for each and every. Contest of Champions looks absolutely dazzling, with superheroes and villains looking exactly like in the movies and comic books, with the moves and animations easily recognizable as pertaining to your favorite characters. The gameplay itself feels like a solid console experience, and the game already received excellent reviews. Everything about it is polished and dazzling – colors, devastation effects and animations. You will be building your own team of champions and it’s up to you to choose heroes or villains but make sure to make them strong because you will need to defeat a super villain Kang the Conqueror. The game offers numerous quests as you make your way through this exciting, but nonetheless classic Marvel universe.

EtherlordsEtherlords Freemium by Nival
Genre: Strategy

Etherlords definitely wants to be your next favorite time killer. The game is a deep strategy featuring simple controls and fast-paced, quick gameplay sessions. It offers more than 180 monsters and creatures for you to collect, manage and send them to battle. Story-wise, the game is set in a universe where cataclysm caused massive destruction, which led to the inevitable death of many worlds. Here, you will be able to create worlds and feed them to your monsters, or conquer worlds of other players. PvP battles are quick and the game promises you will be able to battle 60 second game rounds. It also has online and off-line game modes, so you can enjoy your PvP battles even when you’re offline, or on the go. Its 3D design looks gorgeous, and the collection of creatures is absolutely fantastic, from Scorpion King to dragons and even a Colossus, so you may get interested in googling ancient mythology.

MMX RacingMMX Racing Freemium by Hutch Games
Genre: Racing

Choose your vehicle, upgrade and customize every aspect of your muscle car, pickup, Jeep or SUV to create a monster and conquer the track. The game is freemium and lets you participate in seven different events, master 15 tracks and challenge opponents as you attempt at climbing the leader boards. The game looks gorgeous and if you’re a fan of big cars racing and some spectacular stunts, take a look at this fire breathing monster of a game.

Best FiendsBest Fiends Freemium by Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: Puzzle

We just reviewed Best Fiends, and were totally enamored by this amazingly charming and mischievous take on match three puzzlers. Everything about this game is polished, trendy and strikes an emotional chord, which makes it highly addictive, so beware. Even though the premise is rather simple, the characters, goofy, fun and cute, are so endearing you will be hooked for months. Set in the kingdom of Minutia, our unlikely heroes are little bugs, whose families have been kidnapped by snails that mutated as a result of a meteor strike. In order to free their families, little bugs will have to battle nasty snails, evolve and grow into beautiful big bugs. As a result, the familiar match three puzzler turns into a fascinating adventure, full of bright, fascinating visuals and epic adventures.

The game is freemium, so when your energy jolts are over, you will have to wait for them to be replenished, and even though some players may complain about the waiting timers, the game is so addictive, you will be grateful for those pauses that will let you disconnect from the game and have a life.

Elune sagaElune Saga Freemium by GAMEVIL
Genre: Role Playing

Elune Saga is an interesting mix of RPG battler and CCG, card collecting game. The game is a role-playing battler, which task you with collecting and upgrading soul cards, and there are more than 200 beautifully rendered cards, each with its own skill set. The game is loaded with content and there are a lot of things for you to do besides battling across arenas. You will be exploring dungeons, endeavor on adventurers and challenge other players in PvP combat. Gameplay is based on the four eternal elements of power – water, fire, wind and earth, so the system is basically straightforward, but different combinations of soul cards will let you experience different combat styles, and find the one that suits you best. You will also find tons of customization options, namely costumes and elemental attributes, as well as enjoy evolving your soul cards and recruiting new ones. It looks great on tablets.

Tanks blitzWorld of Tanks Blitz Freemium, by Wargaming SEA
Genre: sim, strategy

World of Tanks Blitz by Wargaming is by far one of the best tanks strategy and simulation games available for mobile devices. It has very intuitive control system, and amazing hangar of World War II tanks of Germany, United States, Great Britain, Japan and Soviet Union. The game looks, feels and plays simply fantastic and after you have tried it, you will not want to conform to anything less.

Even though it’s a mobile port of the PC version, World of Tanks with its 100 plus iconic vehicles of four different classes from light to tank destroyers is a very robust and meticulously crafted masterpiece of a war simulation game. It puts you in a online multiplayer 7 versus 7 combat across the span of 10 unique battle arenas. It also features in-game chat for the team coordination, crew upgrade system and real-life physics, which nonetheless makes your tanks incredibly easy to control. The game supports a comprehensive tutorial for newbies, and even though it’s in-app purchase system is somewhat restrictive to nonpaying players, World of Tanks Blitz is by far one of the finest tanks simulation game on mobile.

DragonquestDragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation $9.99 by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Genre: Role Playing

Another title by Square Enix probably does not require a detailed introduction since it’s the fifth Dragon Quest entry to the Android apps market. It’s pretty standard Dragon Quest experience featuring hours and weeks of wonderful retro gameplay with modern day touch controls and vertical orientation for those of you who want to control the game with one hand only. You can freely change your party system and vocations, which adds tons of variety to the gameplay, so if you are an avid fan of RPG or Dragon Quest, check out this $10 baby, featuring a rich fantasy world with an independent storyline you can enjoy even if you haven’t played Dragon Quest I or II.

Heavenstrike rivalsHeavenstrike Rivals Freemium by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Genre: Strategy

Square Enix released their latest tactical RPG, Heavenstrike Rivals, where RPG and strategy go hand-in-hand as bread and butter. The game puts you in the middle of real-time combat and also quick player versus player arena fights, as you fight for your dominance in the leader boards. The game features 230 animated characters you will collect, evolve, and grow for combat. There are dozens of epic quests for you to endeavor, but also daily and weekly events with awesome rewards and arena battles.

Characters here have been designed by people behind Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, while the soundtrack is by Ryo Yamazaki, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – the Crystal Bearers. As usual, you fight nightmarish monsters that want to rule your once-prosperous aerial kingdom.

OddworldOddworld: Stranger’s Wrath $5.99 by Oddworld Inhabitants Inc
Genre: Action

This must be the best release on the past week – it is so great, I simply don’t know where to start. Care for awesome visuals – check; intuitive, fully configurable touch controls – check; resizable buttons – check; scalable virtual joystick and sensitivity adjustment – check; first-person and third person camera views – check; tons of ammunition and weapons – check; the possibility to switch between different strategies, such as luring, blasting, stunning and surprising – check; terrifying bosses with impressive weapons – check; twin stick HID gamepad support, MOGA, Shield, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 – check.

Moreover, the game is translated into 10 languages and features a hilarious script, goofy and funny townsfolk, a compelling storyline with intriguing twists. You play as a wanderer turned bounty hunter, sporting a unique double-barreled crossbow, and your aim is to free a small town from the bloodthirsty outlaws, somewhere in the wastelands of Western Mudos. So, if you care for an extraordinary, beautiful and fierce action RPG with 20+ hours of gameplay, check out this $6 entry.

shadowrunShadowrun Dragonfall: Director’s Cut $6.99 by Harebrained Schemes
Genre: Strategy

Shadowrun Dragon Fall Directors Cut features an extended release of the original title, but with a slew of new and improved content – namely, alternative endings, extended soundtrack, improved interface, five new missions, customization options interface for your team, and enhanced combat system and more exclusive content. If you haven’t played Shadowrun before, directors cut worth $7 is the right purchase this Christmas time.

The game puts you in the middle of 2054, when the world as we now know it has evolved into something that seems quite logical, considering where we are now. Technology has developed so much, that the line between humans and robots is blurred, while mythical creatures like elves and trolls live among humans. Corporations exhaust planets and human resources, and chaos, corruption and violence rule the world. You and your team of shadow runners take odd jobs as mercenaries and participate in feudal wars of corporations until you mess up with the wrong people and end up in a deadly conspiracy. This highly acclaimed story-driven RPG takes you in the middle of intense tactical combat, where 200+ weapons and spells will help you fight your way through the lethal battlefield.

Also make a mental note to check your device for technical compatibility because director’s cut is meant for newer devices.

Godfire rise of prometheusGodfire: Rise Of Prometheus Freemium, by Vivid Games S.A.
Genre: Arcade

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus by Vivid Games is surprisingly a freemium game, which sports brilliant graphics and premium gameplay experience. It’s high-resolution visuals are only an extra icing on the cake of massive slashing, boss fights, mind-boggling puzzles, and of course a delicious filling of an epic story, which tasks you with finding the God fire spark, and, as usual, save humanity. The combat here is awesome – intense, hot and challenging, ample for hard-core gamers. Don’t relax too much when the game feels overly easy because the next thing you know it turns its rough edge on you, and game over. Nonetheless, it is very well-balanced, and features an outstanding open exploration world, time attack and survival modes for diversity, and offers nearly unlimited customization options for RPG fans. It also features Android exclusive content – time attack mode, quests, enhanced graphics and Lava Pit arena.

Roller polarRoller Polar Freemium by Nitrome
Genre: Arcade

Sometimes, the simplest games are the best, and Roller Polar by Nitrome is one such freebie that comes across as highly entertaining and addictive time killer. You control a polar bear who is riding a snowball, which generates more and more snow as it rolls, and your task is to leap over the trees, rocks and snowmen’s hats. It is simplistic, beautiful, entertaining, and addictive and sometimes impossibly difficult, but you will love its brilliant one touch minimalism. It also supports some nifty real-time day and night gameplay and very nice music.

GoTGame of Thrones $4.99, by Telltale Inc
Genre: Adventure

There is one Game of Thrones game that launched on Android a few months back, and it was a mobile port of a browser game. Even though it is thoroughly entertaining and engrossing for any GoT fan, its Android port was haunted by performance issues.

Now, Telltale launches a new Game of Thrones game for main platforms, including mobile. It is going to encompass several chapters, each available for a separate price, and this $5 title here is the first chapter only. The game features voice overs by Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, although it’s a bit weird, and the sound score sounds awfully generic. Nonetheless, the game offers rivers of blood and violence, as you play as one of the House Forrester, loyal to the House of Stark in Winterfell. It is intense, bloody and explicit, so make sure to close the door and don’t let the kids in when you play it to your heart’s content.

The next five chapters will be available via IAPs, but will come out cheaper if you buy season pass. Also, you’d better have a Tegra 4 and mind the unsupported devices (Galaxy Tab 3, bah).