Best Bitcoin Mining Software: A Comprehensive Analysis


Due to Bitcoin’s popularity, there’s an impressive number of ways to mine it. The good news is, the list of options is practically endless. On the other side, it makes it difficult to choose the best Bitcoin mining software.

In the early days, anyone could mine BTC using their desktop. As the difficulty increased, mining Bitcoin was done using GPUs and these days specialized mining hardware (ASICs) is needed. Even with the specialized mining hardware, the cost of energy and the hardware investments need to be factored in to actually make money with Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin mining software

In this post, we will discuss all the main options for mining Bitcoin and this includes both software and cloud-mining services. It’s worth mentioning that cloud-mining significantly reduces the starting costs by eliminating the need to purchase specialized hardware but the earnings are also much smaller.


best Bitcoin mining software

CGMiner is the most popular and feature-rich Bitcoin software miner. It primarily supports ASICs and FPGAs but if you want to use it for GPU mining simply download a version older than 3.7.2.

The application supports Windows, Linux, and Mac and provides a laundry list of useful features such as monitoring, logging, config files, API monitoring, and overclocking options. It can be used for both pool and solo mining and can be used with most Bitcoin ASIC miners.

Regarding hardware control, CGMiner allows you to adjust voltages and other parameters using specific commands. Extensive documentation is required which is why we recommend you check out CGMiner’s readme section on github.


top ways to mine Bitcoin

BFGMiner is a CGMiner fork, although it includes additional features that are worth exploring and is also one of the most customizable Bitcoin miners. This particular mining software uses the latest getblocktemplate compare to CGMiner that uses the older getwork template.

This means that using the new template, the blocks are created by the miner and not the pool like with the older one. Furthermore, you can download a separate GUI specific to BFGMiner.

The miner supports both FPGA and ASIC hardware, plus it includes remote interface options, dynamic clocking, monitoring, and built-in stratum. There’s also a watchdog thread which can restart idle threads without crashing the machine if there are any unresponsive ones. Monitoring device temperature is also possible as long as there is hardware support for that.


best Bitcoin miners

If you’re intimidated by the command-line interfaces of most Bitcoin mining tools, MultiMiner is one of the best solutions.

This software is extremely easy to use but still provides an impressive array of features and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

One of the most important capabilities of MultiMiner is it allows you to switch mining devices (GPUs, ASICs, and FPGAs) between different cryptocurrencies in a simple manner. The underlying engine is used to detect available mining hardware and users can select which coins they want to mine.

Despite its intuitive appearance, the software provides multiple advanced features including remote monitoring and control of other MultiMiner rigs and automated detection of network devices. You should also know, MultiMiner works with numerous mining devices, including HashBuster Micro, BFL/Bitforce, and Block Erupter.


best software for mining Bitcoin

EasyMiner is an open-source mining software exclusive to the Windows platform that allows you to mine various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Litecoin included. You can use it cor ASIC, minerd, ccminer, cudaminer, and cgminer Bitcoin mining.

EasyMiner has a “Solo” mode that lets you manually choose a pool and a custom hash algorithm for the coin you want to mine. There’s also a “Moneymaker” mode for mining Litecoin on its own stratum pool.


BitMinter is one of the best cross-platform Bitcoin mining software, supporting Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The client is portable and relies on the Java Network Protocol (JNLP).

The software supports several types of ASICs including Antminer U1/U2, Butterfly Labs (except Monarch), Chili, Block Erupter USB,, and Red/Blue Fury.

Awesome Miner

The clients presented above may be among the best Bitcoin mining software but not optimal solutions if you have multiple mining rigs and of different types you need to manage.

In that case, you should definitely check out Awesome Miner. The program offers robust centralized mining management functions. To begin with, it supports over 25 mining engines, including bfgminer, sgminer, cgminer, srbminer, and xmrig. Awesome Miner works with all major mining algorithms such as X11, SHA-256, Zcash, Scrypt, and Ethereum.

It’s possible to add, switch and manage pools for multiple miners in one operation. The feature-rich dashboard allows you to monitor the temperature of all your ASIC and FPGA machines.

The program is designed to work on the Windows platform although you can access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone using it’s web-based UI.

Furthermore, the program lets you configure privileged API access and set up the default pools for all Bitmain Antminer ASICS in the same operation. Last, but not least, you can create custom triggers and actions using the built-in C# script engine.

Cloud mining

best Bitcoin cloud mining

Those don’t have the budget or don’t want to purchase specialized mining hardware have cloud mining as an alternative. Cloud mining is very straightforward: just like renting a house, you are renting computing power. In most case, a contract for a certain amount of hashes per second needs to be purchased. Also, the amount of time you can use the service is set before the purchase.

The cloud mining company will mine for you and send you the rewards, most often on a daily basis. Obviously, cloud mining solves all the problems you would have with using dedicated hardware, including electricity costs, setup, heating and noise issues and so on.

Nevertheless, cloud mining does have some disadvantages. One of them is the fact you won’t be able to control the mining hardware or learn anything about the process of Bitcoin mining. Another problem is cloud mining usually gets you a significantly lower ROI compared to traditional mining. Also, an issue that shouldn’t be ignored is the fact a lot of cloud mining services are scams and quite a few have been discovered so far.

On top of that, once you purchase a contract there’s no turning back. If you’d have a regular miner running in your own home you can overclock it or turn it off as needed. With cloud mining, once you purchase the contract you can’t get back the money you paid with or pause it and wait for Bitcoin prices to raise if that’s the case.

Best Bitcoin cloud mining contracts

Despite all possible drawbacks, Bitcoin cloud mining can be profitable but you will need to choose a respectable company to avoid getting scammed. To avoid such issues, we’re discussing the best Bitcoin cloud mining services below.


NiceHash is an excellent choice for those who are new to the Bitcoin mining field. With NiceHash, you can mine cryptocurrency (BTC included) using your computer’s GPUs and/or CPUs. The best part is, NiceHash miner is extremely quick and easy to set up.

NiceHash is actually a crypto mining marketplace and they sell cloud mining contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ZCash so it’s a reliable place from where you can purchase hash power.


Hashnest is a cloud mining company owned by Bitmain, one of the largest ASIC miner manufacturer. It’s safe to say this is a trustworthy service and you have several mining contracts to choose from.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is the largest Bitcoin mining company and was founded in 2013. They provide various contract options and sizes for several cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, and ZCash.

As I already mentioned, their contracts are super flexible – they even have contracts that allow you to use the hash power to mine multiple coins at the same time and switch between them on a daily basis. is another great choice for Bitcoin cloud mining plus it also lets you mine Bitcoin Cash. They pay a 98% block reward and they contracts include a decent amount of entry level options.


Things are always changing in the cryptocurrency universe so you can expect new desktop clients and cloud services entering the race to get among the best Bitcoin mining software.

Even so, there are plenty of options to choose from right now. Regardless if you prefer traditional or cloud mining the truth is mining Bitcoin is an adventure and an exciting prospect at the same time. Hopefully, our selection has helped you find the perfect Bitcoin mining solution.