Best Photo Apps for Your Smartphone



Photo apps define the way you take, process and share the most important moments of your life with your friends online. Smartphones have long replaced the amateur cameras, and attempt at biting a segment from the professional cameras with iPhone’s USB Fever reportedly being used by some of the innovative professional photographers.

Here are some of the most popular and tried-out by time and user feedback Android and iPhone photo applications available on Google Play and iTunes.

Vignette app for Android

Vignette is, according to some users, one of the best photo apps for Android. It comes at $2.61 and offers more than 70 customizable filters and 50 frames to create cool photo effects. It also works as a fully fledged camera application with 10x digital zoom, time-lapse and self timer. In Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 it offers a 21x optical zoom. Among its features are remote shutter with Bluetooth remote or wired headset on Sony Ericsson LiveView. Unlike many applications, Vignette does not require Internet connection to process images. One more strong point is Vignette does not upload your personal photos to a centralized server like Instagram, so your personal stuff remains personal until you choose to make it public. According to users, it is also ’monumentally easy to use.’

Retro Camera Free for Android and iOS appeals to the vintage lovers. It offers 5 sets of vintage vignetting, 5 cameras and different processing effects to beautify your images for that unique old-fashioned analog look.

Flickr app for Android is said to be better than Instagram for iOS, and let us see why. Custom filters, powerful editing tools and lifelong storage on Flickr in full resolution. You get a free terabyte of storage space and free filters and frames. Sharing integration with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr topped up with privacy settings that allow you to make your photos private make it one of the good standing apps on the market.

Instagram is now available for Android users, too. With almost 7 million downloads since its Android launch, and 150 million downloads on iTunes, Instagram is a photo editor and sharing tool with a wide plethora of features to edit your photos on the go and quickly share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. You get unlimited uploads, and the possibility to interact with your Instagram friends through likes and shares. “Best social app period!” says an excited user at Google Play. If you do not mind Mark using your private data to target ad campaigns better, Instagram is your choice. Truth be told – no smartphone application is privacy-friendly.


360 Panorama, as the name suggests it, is an application that helps you make amazing panoramic shots. It turns your smartphone into a full featured panoramic camera. Pan the camera and stitch your images together seamlessly. It is fast thanks to tapping into a device’s raw power; every location is GPS tagged, so you never forget where the picture was taken. It offers sharing options, of course.
Slow Shutter Cam for iPhone is available at GBP 0.69 and is perfect for users who like to try slow-shutter effects without having to buy expensive DSL cameras. You can create beautiful artsy photographs using three capture modes: automatic, manual and light trail. It has a real-time preview, full resolution, freeze control and selectable shutter speeds among other nifty features.
Thumba Photo Editor for Windows Phone comes at GBP 0.69 and is a slick photo editor with numerous filters to spice up and add glamour and style to your photos. It has an easy to navigate interface, so cropping and adjusting brightness and color is easy.

Picplz for Android and iPhone is free and resembles Instagram. Vintage is a-la mode nowadays, so you will find many vintage styled filters here, as well as the ability to share your images on Facebook and Twitter.

FxCamera is Android-compatible free application which is extremely easy t o use, yet very popular due to its cool effects: Warhol, polandroid, toycam and fisheye. It lacks social integration and sharing options, but this may as well be an advantage to some.

Touchnote Postcards for Android and iPhone is a free application which allows you to turn your digital pictures into good old paper postcards. This app is perfect for creating custom Christmas and Birthday postcards. The app is free, but the cards are not as you might have already guessed. The downside is you have to order them to be delivered instead of being able to print them out on your own.

Color Splash Effect Pro v.1.0.9
Color Splash

Paper Camera for Android and iPhone comes at GBP 0.69 and offers a number of visual filters you can apply to your images to style them like a cartoon or comic book. The effects get aligned before you take a shot, so you will see a live preview even before you take the picture.

Camera+ for iPhone enhances the performance of your iPhone camera by improving exposure, lighting, focus and stabilizing your image to avoid blurred spots on your photos.

Color Splash for iPhone also comes at GBP 0.69 may seem to have a rather limited application, but it sure is stylish. It makes your photographs look gorgeous by making them black-and-white and then bringing color to to specific details only. You can choose whether to give color to the eyes, or a clothing item, or a building on the background. The results are fascinating when you familiarize yourself with the application.

The list can go on virtually forever since Android, iOS and Windows Phone markets grow with applications like mushrooms in the rain. The best strategy is to compare several top ones before you opt in, especially with paid ones, and see which features and filters appeal to you personally. Don’t forget that some applications work better with specific devices, while others offer extensive sharing options. We collect ideas about applications that are worth recommending from users, so we encourage your feedback. Let us know if there are applications you feel deserve a place on the list, or maybe a dedicated review.