Beyond Verbal or ‘Lie to Me’ in High-Tech


    A couple of years ago, an HBO series “Lie to Me” revealed to the world a technique of reading people’s ulterior motives and define their emotional state; Beyond Verbal does the same based on people’s voice intonations.

    18 Years of Research

    The Israeli company’s physicists and neuropsychologists have been researching the filed for 18 years now, and by now Beyond Verbal has accumulate enough data to produce a platform that helps marketers sell their products better. Yes, Beyond Verbal is in use in some advanced call centers, and you will find out a lot of interesting information on Beyond Verbal’s YouTube page, with videos of famous people analyzed through the moodies’ app. For example, Steve Job’s interview on the iPad shows report of ‘loneliness, fatigue and emotional frustration.’ Pres.Obama’s speech on the surveillance report resulted in “aggression, survival and rage.”

    However, marketers were the first to appreciate the virtues of Beyond Verbal. Being able to tell the person’s mood, attitude and psychological type opens new horizons to telemarketing.

    Beyond Verbal

    Beyond Verbal offers a cloud platform with several core engines to extract more than 400 moods as it listens to people’s voices. The core engines are efficiency, cooperation and composure. The technology has an immense implementation potential besides telemarketing.

    A Technology From the Future

    Imagine a car defining that the driver is too drunk or exhausted to drive, or has a death wish. Imagine Siri defining your mood and tuning up with your mood music on your iPhone. Dan Emodi, Beyond Verbal’s VP, says it’s possible. H expects the technology to boost a multibillion market of “emotionally-enhanced applications installed on voice-enabled devices.”

    Telemarketing call centers are not the ones who would benefit from the technology. 911 operators would have a great helping hand in sorting out ultra-urgent and legitimate queries from jokes, and be able to estimate the caller’s emotional state to help him more efficiently.

    Emotional Understanding Interface

    “Machines understand what we type, what we click, what we touch, and where we are… but none of these help machines know how we feel and what we mean,” says Emodi. “Our goal is to introduce that emotional understanding to machines because we believe that this is the most important non-existing interface out there. And understanding the dimension of emotions has a lot of applications.”

    Apps in Development

    Since the API-center has been opened earlier this year, already a large number of manufacturers and apps developers are using the technology to create a large plethora of applications we will see in 2014. Emodi says several automotive giants are experimenting with Beyond Verbal’s technology. So are apps developers working on coaching apps, or apps that will help you determine which people in your life are emotionally draining.

    Marketing research companies can benefit from the technology to determine consumers’ attitudes toward brands, political candidates. HR specialists will be able to estimate better if the applicant is a good fit for the position.


    Customers can test a demo version of the mooodies app for free, or pay $6.000 for full access to the platform.