Big Hero 6: Bot Fight Comes to Android, iOS and Windows on Nov. 3


Big Hero 6: Bot Fight by Disney is scheduled to launch on Google Play, iTunes and Windows Phone App Store on November 3. A movie tie-in for the upcoming Disney Big Hero 6, Bot Fight is a match three battler. While the movie is a 3D computer-animated feature film that brings to the big screen the little-known Marvel Comics book Big Hero 6, the mobile game itself features Baymax, Hiro and their team as they fight the malicious Yama.

The match-three puzzler combines the casual strategy and role playing elements as you collect bots and upgrade their fighting abilities, but most importantly Disney Interactive producer Scott Humphries said the game will feature movie characters appearances, which is probably the first appeal of a movie tie-in game.


Disney promises a deep and thrilling strategy battler wrapped in match-3 (or more) gameplay, where power cells and bots of the same color launch an attack, so it’s basically the strongest combo chase. You will be reprogramming infected bots to activate them to attack Yama, or collect them and level up your team into the battle Bots strongest squad. Players will be able to team up with their friends to go on special group missions to earn loot.

The game will be free to play, with in-app purchases, push notifications, social media integration links and ads for Disney companies and third parties.

Big Hero 6

This time, Disney had the developer team of Gumi work on the game; a studio some of you may know for their Genjuhime Monster Princess and Allen, as well as the Dragon King.

In fact, the game already got soft-launched in iTunes New Zealand and Australia, so if that’s your region, check it out. It is compatible with iOS 7 and later devices. The rest of the world as well as Google Play will see Big Her 6: Bot Fight starting November 3, just a few days before the November 7 US premiere of the movie.

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