How To: Block unwanted ads on iOS with SpeedMeUp



Extensions like Adblock have become extremely popular in recent years. Millions of consumers are used to not seeing ads while surfing the Internet on their computers but the same cannot be said for handsets. Enter SpeedMeUp, the self-described “Adblock for iPad & iPhone”, a free service that will block all ads from your iOs devices.

Everyone can set the service up and there is no need to install an app or jailbreak your phone if that is what you are worried about. All you need is to set up a proxy. Open your Settings, go to Wi-Fi and you will see an “HTTP Proxy” setting that is off by default. Switch it to Auto and enter the following URL:

iOS Proxy Settings

Now, go to SpeedMeUp’s diagnostics page¬†and check if everything works alright. If not, you have probably entered the wrong URL so enter it again and enjoy your Internet ad-free.