How To: Charge Your Phone or Tablet up to 50% Faster


Unfortunately, there’s an aspect of mobile devices that requires you to attach that device to a charger once a day (or every few hours for heavy users), and this aspect is the battery. For the most part, people can usually plan out this charging process so that it all takes place while they’re asleep – which is great! However, everyone is going to need a quick mid-day charge at some point, and it’s cases like these where the user could greatly benefit from charging the device as fast as possible.

In order to speed up the charging process, all you need to do is ensure that your device’s GPS services, WiFi adapter, and all other background applications are closed. This can be done by simply pulling down the menu on your home screen (on most devices), and tapping the GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth buttons to disable them – alternatively, if you don’t plan on using the phone while it is connected, you can just enable Airplane mode. If you do plan to use the phone while it’s charging, you should consider lowering the brightness as that will speed up the charging process as well.


The best part about this method is it doesn’t require you to download any additional applications, and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to roll out the changes. If you want to take it a step further, you could also install a task killer application, such as Advanced Task Killer for Android. Essentially what these apps do is kill any games or apps you have open in the background; most of them allow you to choose specific apps to leave open if you’d like. A lot of devices also have some built-in task killer, and if yours does, it shouldn’t be hard to find.

For those wondering how this can possibly increase charge speed by 50%, it’s really quite simple. In order for your device to receive a WiFi connected, GPS signal, or 3G/4G connection, it needs to have some sort of hardware – which is going to require power from your device’s battery. By disabling these functions, your battery won’t be giving out as much power, and therefore will be able to charge faster due to less of the battery being used. That means your phone is not only saving battery usage that was previously devoted to other resources, but it can now devote that usage to charging faster as well.


The same goes for prolonging your battery life as well, for example, if you know you won’t be able to charge your phone for a couple days, try turning on airplane mode whenever you know you won’t be using your phone. Most phones have an auto-brightness feature, which works pretty well, but you can override that and keep the brightness low at all times to prolong battery life as well. Regardless of how many of these steps you take, each one is going to at least save you some time, so whether you drop the brightness, disable WiFi, or simply turn on Airplane mode the next time you’re charging, it’s going to go faster.