Chat with 12 of your friends at once with ‘Rounds’


Rounds Video Chat

While group chats are nothing new in the Internet world, finding an app that performs decently on mobile is not so easy. While you can argue that there are quite a few group chat apps available in the market I would like to think there is still room for more and Rounds surely agrees with me as it has now brought over its group chat functionality to Android after making it available half a year ago on iOS.

Rounds Watch Videos

If you have used the group chat on iOS then know that this is exactly the same. Each group is assigned a unique code that can be shared anywhere (yes, including social media) and there is no limit to how many people can join a given group. The only limit is that group chats support up to 12 people simultaneously online so your extra friends will have to either wait for someone to drop out or create a separate chat of their own. And now that the group chat functionality is available in both Android and iOS, cross-platform chats are finally supported.

Rounds Effects

Rounds is a pretty cool app as it wants to be a sort of visual hangout for your friends instead of a simple group chat app. It lets you watch videos together, easily share pictures, create drawings on the spot, play some simple games (which remind me of the MSN days) and more. Of course, it can be hard to convince a reasonable amount of friends to turn over to a new chat app but that is your burden to carry.

Rounds is available in iTunes and Google Play.