‘Deep Under the Sky’ Releasing Tomorrow on iOS/Android



If you ever wanted to be a Jellyfish, your chance is coming. The creator of the popular game Incredipede recently announced he will be releasing a new game to the App Stores tomorrow, entitled¬†Deep Under the Sky.¬†This is going to be a visually stimulating puzzle game where the player controls a Jellyfish spore, attempting to plant jellyfish babies in various nests. Gameplay will be very simple as this is being labeled as a “one tap game”, but timing and precision will be key to your success.

There’s no reason not be excited about this game, as the developer has a great reputation for creating quality mobile games in the past. Furthermore, it looks very unique, and not identical to anything we’ve already seen on the mobile market. Deep Under the Sky will have a variety of different levels, and won’t simply be a high-score chaser.

Visuals alone look to be enough of a reason to give this one a shot when it hits both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store tomorrow, August 20th. ¬†Pricing has not yet been determined, but it will likely fall somewhere between the $2.99 – $4.99 range, given what the developer’s pricing structure seems to have been lately.

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