How To: Disable red badge alerts on your iPhone


Badge App Icons

The red badge alerts that appear on your home screen can be quite useful. After all, everyone wants to know when they have an unanswered call waiting for them or a new e-mail. However, some users do not check everything. For example, I know loads of people that have thousands of unread e-mails and will most surely never open them. The alerts on the home screen, however, do not go away unless you read that “new” e-mail or whatever else they are notifying you about.

Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of these annoying alerts. However, it involves disabling all incoming alerts for that specific app or service so it might not be a viable option for some people. If you do not care about all that, head on over to your Settings and open the Notifications Center. Tap on the offending app and turn off the “Badge App Icon” setting.

Badge App Icon Turn Off

You will now be free of the red badge alerts from that app until you turn the setting back on. If you still want to have a way to be notified of new alerts, you can enable the “Alert Sound” setting in order to get audio notifications. Of course, you can still keep the notifications in other places like the Notification Center so you can stay informed on future alerts.