Disney’s Infinity 2.0 Toy Box arrives on Android


Disney Infinity Toy Box

Disney Infinity IconDisney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box [Android iOS]

Developer/Publisher: Disney
Price: Freemium
Genre: Adventure

Disney’s Infinity series has just made its way into Android with Toy Box 2.0 as the company wants to get ahead of the competition which has been rising up as of late. If you are unfamiliar with Disney Infinity then you may have heard of Skylanders or Angry Birds Telepods or even Nintendo’s Amiibos which have become an incredible sensation in the past few weeks. To put it simply, you buy a physical collectible statue, place it in an RFID-enabled kit and then play with them in both the real and digital worlds.


The Infinity games became quite popular after Activision made crazy money with its Skylanders series as the Disney characters quickly appealed to audiences young and old alike. The Android version features the Toy Box mode where you can import any character you want and do pretty much whatever you like in a sandbox world. Think of it a bit like Minecraft with commercial characters, better graphics and various platforming elements.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Gameplay 2

Characters from the series cannot be implemented automatically like in consoles and PC so you will either have to import them from one of those devices or simply enter their character code manually. There is also a free rotation of three characters that changes quite frequently so you can try them out before buying the actual figures.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Gameplay

If I can be honest with you for a second, this is definitely one of Disney’s biggest money-grabbing schemes. Not only do the figures cost $15+ but the in-app purchases go up to $60. With that said, the games are also plain out fun. There are many Disney characters (and Marvel!) that you can play with and the sandbox world is very fun to explore. And if you enjoy the game, paying for it is not such a bad thing after all.