‘Earn to Die 2’ launches on Google Play as freemium


Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 IconEarn to Die 2 [Android, iOS]

Developer: Not Doppler
Price: Freemium (Android)/$1.99 + IAP (iOS)
Genre: Racing

The original Earn to Die honestly exceeded my expectations in how successful it could be as it has already been installed in millions of devices, at least in its free ‘lite’ version. The sequel brings more of the same zombie killing fun on Android in a freemium version. The iOS version of Earn to Die 2 is actually paid with in-app purchases so I guess this is better.

As with the first game, players will get to get on the road and smash as many zombies as possible with their vehicle. The game plays a lot like side-scrolling racing platformers like Trials but with a lot more zombies, explosions and death. There are 10 different vehicles you can unlock which can then be upgraded with a bunch of things like armored frames and roof-mounted guns. This time around vehicles are also fully destructible and slowly get destroyed so you will have to be careful if you do not want them to break down.

Earn to Die 2 Destructible Vehicles

If you enjoyed the first game then the second game should deliver more of the same fun and with all the new levels and vehicles you are probably going to get quite a few hours out of it. Purchasing anything with real money will remove the advertising but you do not really need to spend anything in order to enjoy the game.