Eternity Warriors 3 Released For iOS



Glu Mobile releases its third installment to their Diablo-like franchise, Eternity Warriors 3

The Eternity Warriors series has gained growing popularity over the last few years, as it provides the fast paced rpg action that you see in games like Diablo, for mobile devices. Last year Glu Mobile, the developers behind the Eternity Warriors series, released the sequel to the initial release. The game made up for its initial downfalls like limited character selection and over the top freemium purchases without losing that fun hack’n’slash fun. This time with Eternity Warriors 3, Glu Mobile aims to even better the series with 3 distinct characters, hundreds of items to find, new upgrading tools that make better use for the junk loot that you find, and with more action than before. The best part about this 3rd installment, is that you can easily play and enjoy the games features without spending a dime.

Like the previous entries in the series, Eternity Warriors 3 provides plenty of action and is highly accessible and fun for any who enjoy the genre. Each of the new characters added to the game have something new to offer, whether it’s your straight forward hack’n’slash warrior, the majestic magic using mage, or the nimble rogue like class, you should easily find a character to fit your play style. The game also offers a good network hub that is one of the towns in the games lore. It makes for a more interesting place to upgrade items, connect with friends, or manage quests, rather than your traditional menu screen. Within the town, you’ll see other players running around preparing themselves for their next battle, it makes the game feel much more lively and provides a online atmosphere that adds to the community aspect.


As in most games in the genre, the main appeal seems to always revolve around one thing, items. For whatever reason, people love items, it’s surely one of the most stimulating experiences for some when they see that item on their screen with blue or purple text. Eternity Warriors 3, as most games today does not let this go unnoticed, they not only provide tons of items to replace those useless old ones with, but it also has a few avenues of upgrading items as well. One of my favorite features in the game is the fusion upgrade system, it allows you to use old useless items to improve your current gear. This creates a great way for free players to keep their characters stats above water without paying for tons of in-app purchases. There’s also a form of upgrading items called evolution, which I believe requires for traditional materials to use.


Eternity Warriors 3 provides fast and enjoyable combat, with plenty of other features to occupy yourself. The presentation is dazzling, the audio is battle driven, and for a iOS game the visuals stand up with other high quality games. Even with all these great aspects of the game, there are still a few missing features and drawbacks for some players. Currently there is no co-op or PvP in the game, which is something that really attracted people to the last entry in the series, this may be something that Glu Mobile is saving for a future update though. Well it is optional, you’ll also need to drop some serious cash if you want to get better weapons and armor, at this point it doesn’t seem like you’ll be in dire need of better weapons and armor, the game was very playable with the items I found off enemies. One thing is for sure though, if or when PvP and Co-Op is added, the freemium side of the game will really start to show, as always the players willing to drop their own coin will tower over the free players with massive intimidation.

Currently Eternity Warriors 3 is only available on iOS and there is no word on when we’ll see a Android version, but you can be fairly confident that one will come. With my experience with the game, it’s one of the best that Glu Mobile has to offer and it’s one of the best of its genre on iOS. My biggest complaint was that the tutorial forces to follow a strict path, that makes you use the little starting in-app purchased currency you’re given on useless items you probably wouldn’t spend real cash on. Plus I’m just not a fan of over restrictive tutorials, I don’t think anyone is.

Eternity Warriors 3 is out now for iOS on the App Store, it currently requires iOS 5.0 or later and works with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone devices. You can download the game for free and play with little need for in-app purchases.

Download: Eternity Warriors 3 for iOS at the App Store

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