Expensify updated to v5.0 with redesigned home screen


Expensify Reports Old vs New

The Expensify apps have just been updated to version 5.0 with some pretty substantial interface changes. After seeing a lot of Google apps being updated to x.0 recently with small changes only, it is nice to see an app developer catering to my inner needs.

Expensify Expenses

According to the Expensify developers, this is the “UX upgrade you’ve been waiting for”. The old home screen is gone forever and it has been replaced by the Expenses tab as this is the most commonly accessed tab according to “user research and feedback”. The Expenses tab also features a new launcher. This little button can be used to initiate various tasks within the app like create new expense reports. Finally, there is a persistent tab bar at the bottom of the screen which should make navigation more seamless.

Expensify Launcher

And while this changes are the most obvious ones, pretty much every other area of the app has also been redesigned, including the font. Everything is now much easier on the eyes which is definitely welcome when going through expenses. You can read more about the design changes in Expensify’s blog.

As always, the app is available free of charge with various subscription plans in iTunes and Google Play.