Facebook tesing Lite app for new markets


Facebook Lite

If you are sick of hearing about Facebook’s new apps every now and again, today might not be a good day for you. The social networking company has quietly released Facebook Lite, a 252KB app that is aimed at emerging markets where stable internet connections are hard to come by, especially when we are talking about mobile networks.

As you might already expect, the app is only available for Android devices. It uses less data and less resources so that it works well in both lower-end devices and slow networks. The interface looks like a lot like the web app although even more slimmed down. The best thing about it is that it also includes chat features so users will not have to install Messenger separately. If they did, that would defeat the entire purpose.

I am actually going to try this app out. Even though it looks bad, I am a light Facebook user and this suits me just fine. Unfortunately, you are going to have to go through unofficial channels if you want to use the app now, unless you are in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Zimbabwe.

Thankfully, everyone can actually check the app out on Google Play even though it will probably say your device is not compatible due to regional restrictions.