Facebook’s Rooms 1.1 update brings Actvity dashboard, push notifications and more


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Facebook Rooms has just received an update, marking its current version as 1.1. The update brings a variety of new features as well as the innocuous bug fixes we have all come to expect from app updates no matter the platform.

To be fair, the update does bring quite a lot of very nice features to the board. Users will be able to track activity in their rooms via the Activity dashboard, including posts, comments and likes that have happened in the period of a week. Moreover, users will get a message whenever someone posts in a room they are in (these can be turned on and off in the Settings menu). Finally, there are now more than 50 sound effects to choose from for the like button although I would be sad if this is the most commonly used new feature.

With these update, Facebook addresses a lot of the criticism that hit the app in its initial launch, especially the activity dashboard and push notifications. It also looks like the company’s experiment in anonymous internet discussions is going quite well which is very pleasant to hear indeed.