Falcon Pro 3 releases with Material design and missing features


Falcon Pro 3

Falcon Pro was one of the most popular Twitter clients for Android platforms before the app got hit by the social network’s API token limits, after which the developer was pretty much forced to remove the app from Google Play. However, he has been working on a new version of the app ever since and had even announced that the redesign would feature Material guidelines. A few weeks after that announcement, the app is live on the Play Store.

Falcon Pro 3 has most of the things you have come to expect form your Twitter clients and it even features some fantastic material animation, a proper status bar color and a great UI throughout. However, plenty of features seem to be missing, some of them more important than others. As an example, the app has no settings menu whatsoever, relies mostly on the back button of your device to navigate to previous menus and only has a single theme and no widgets.

That might have been fine if the app was free till the features were added but that is not really the case here. Although there is a free trial, it is very limited as it is simply meant to allow the user to test the app. Full access will cost you $3.99 through an in-app purchase while additional account slots can be unlocked for $1.99. I do not really know what to think about this but the developer had always been great in the past and the potential for greatness is still there, it just needs to get updated as soon as possible.