Fallout Shelter for Android launches August 13th


Fallout Shelter was one of Bethesda’s most well received games during this year’s E3 event. iOS users were the first to receive it, and the company did say they’ll need a couple of months to get the Android version ready for release.

Looking at their latest announcement, which states Fallout Shelter will hit the Play Store on August 13th, their initial statement was quite accurate. The game was a major hit on iOS, in fact it managed to earn $5.1 million in its first two weeks. It looks like an unobtrusive IAP model like Fallout Shelter has, can be in fact quite profitable.

Even Bethesda wasn’t expecting the game to become so successful. Fallout Shelter was initially just a way to keep the hype alive for Fallout 4 PC and console game, which is set to arrive on November 10. The company got more than they ever hoped for, and it’s likely the success of Fallout Shelter on iOS has kept them motivated to bring the game on Android as fast as possible.

Soon after it was released for iOS, we were eager to review Fallout Shelter, and the final verdict is we absolutely loved it. If you’re an Android user and didn’t get the chance to play it yet, you might want to bookmark these two handy resources our own Michael Black was happy to share with our readers, so when Fallout Shelter launches on August 10th, you’ll be ready!

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