Fashionistas Rejoice: Smartphone-Compatible Fake Nails


As I look at my girlfriend’s fancy nails, I never stop wondering how she handles daily routines with these things, especially typing text messages and Facebook comments and tweets at a super-sonic speed. “Is it any convenient?” I asked once. “It is just a matter of habit,” she said. Well, from now on the ladies favoring the long colorful fake nails will have another neat and smart accessory to go with the glamour – Elektra Nails.

A patent-pending technology developed by a dermatologist, Elektra Nails are glue-on things made of light, fiber material, which connects with the touchscreens the way a stylus does. A smart and handy nail extension to type and tap on your smartphone, Elektra Nails do not need to be on each of your finger. In fact, you can only use one on the index finger of your active hand.
Elektra Nails
In addition, the smart nails can be painted any color to match your manicure art, but take care not to cover the bottom-interior part with paint.

The Elektra Nails will be ready to ship starting with March this year, so make sure to pre-order them here.