Here are the first Facebook apps for the Messenger platform


Now that Facebook’s Messenger is officially more of a communications platform than a simple Facebook chat, the social network has seen it fit to be one of the first companies to publish a range of apps that will compliment your chatting experience. The apps in question are Selfied, Shout!, Sound Clips and Strobe along with the old Stickered app which has now received the “for Messenger” tag.

Selfied [Android, iOS]

Selfied Android

The first app we have on our hands aims to replace all those boring emoticons you use in your daily chats with pictures of yourself, thus the name. As you can see from the picture you can assign a selfie for various emotion categories like “Excited” and “Sad” which you can then send to your friends like you would send a standard emoticon. It is a neat idea, If a little vain.

Shout! [Android, iOS]

Shout! iOS

This one is a bit stranger. Basically, users can take a picture, slap some words and have the final creation play out as a sentence. The name comes from the fact that everything you type will be sent in big capital letters. I guess you can use this to really express your frustration over the latest Walking Dead death.

Sound Clips [Android, iOS]

Sound Clips iOS

Here is an app that does pretty much what it says on the tin. If you think that your messages lack that special flavor of 90s sit-coms you can simply attach a “crowd laughing” effect in all of your jokes or play a disapproving musical instrument whenever your friends say something stupid. Quite handy!

Strobe [Android, iOS]

Strobe Android

The latest app in our list is actually Facebook’s very own GIF creator. Put a few pictures together, add as many weird effects as you want and share your animated GIFs with the world. This app is simultaneously the most interesting addition and perhaps the most unnecessary one as the vast majority of GIF creators probably have another app for this already. I guess its inclusion in Messenger might just do the trick though.