Fleeting display of Xperia Z1s on Sony’s website


Sony Xperia Z1f, the smaller, 4.3 inch version of Sony Xperia Z1 is a very attractive smartphone, considering it includes most of the larger model’s hardware, such as the 20.1 MP camera and Snapdragon 800 processor. ┬áMost of the world won’t get the chance to buy it, since the Z1f if available only in Japan. However, it seems Sony might be launching the Xperia Z1s as the international version, so we will have the opportunity to get the power of Z1 in an easier to handle 4.3 inch model.

Rumors of a Sony press event on November 12 indicate there’s a good chance we might be seeing the Xperia Z1s launch tomorrow in Shanghai. Be it an accident or not, earlier today the Z1S was featured on the official Sony website for a short period, and the guys at evleaks had quick reflexes. It remains to be seen how successful a 4.3 inch smartphone can get these days, although I suspect a lot of small hands will be grateful.