How to: Get ‘Her’ Looks on Android



Recently, we published an overview of some of the most beautiful Android themes, but this one was not on the list simply because it launched recently.

Android is undoubtedly an awesome OS because it lets users tweak the looks and performance of their devices with very few restrictions, unlike iOS.

Developers that go by the mysterious name 4569294 were quick to ride the Oscars wave and came up with this beautiful Her-themed look for your Android screens. It is simplistic, yet elegant and sophisticated. Then again, the folks did not have to come up with a custom theme, they just used the movie to create the wallpaper.


So, here is what you will need:

Selecting the wallpaper should not be a problem, as well as putting the icon pack in place, which in this case is 5 columns in 6 rows. Users with Android 4.4 will be able to benefit the most from this design because, in this version of OS, we can remove the notification bar altogether.

You can as well leave the wallpaper and stamped white icons as your home screen, but replacing the boot animation gives the look the real Her touch. That step requires a little bit of effort on your side, namely downloading and sorting out Boot Box, which in its turn requires rooting, so you may not want to go through the trouble of rooting for the sake of custom animation. Nevertheless, users of rooted Android devices will be able to apply changes in a matter of seconds.

I know, this is not the easiest theme in terms of applying because it’s fragmented, and you have to download and install three pieces of design, but the looks are really gorgeous. We hope to find the Her theme on Play Store sometime soon.