Gmail for Android to receive improvements over the next few days


Google’s Gmail app for Android is pretty well rounded by now, although it’s certainly not perfect and there’s always room for improvement since it’s going through a staggered update as we speak.

The app now lets you tap on people’s avatars and easily access their contact info and latest conversations among others. Furthermore, Google optimized support for IMAP mail addresses – non-Gmail – offering increased reliability and a streamlined process while adding more accounts of this type.

The update is rolling out in stages and you can expect the latest improvements to become available within the next few days.

Google Slides

Earlier today, an update started to roll out for Google Docs and Slides apps for iOS and Android, as well. The latest versions of Docs and Slides allow you to insert newly snapped photos or ones you already have stored in the camera roll into presentations and documents.

Furthermore, access to essential editing tools in the Slides apps is now faster, as it lets users double tap any image in a presentation to enter crop mode. What should definitely not be ignored is the fact that both features work offline, even though it’s not a surprise since neither has an obvious use for an Internet connection.

Try out one or more of the latest Gmail, Google Docs and Slides apps and let us know how you like the new features and improvements!

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