We all remember the jokes about Google’s social platform, Google+. From the forced usage of Google+ on Youtube to all the memes and jokes, Google+ is still pretty much alive and Google says the platform still has “millions of users”. Google+ Topics is a new feature that’s basically a take on related stories. The company believes this will keep users interested for longer, both on the site and the G+ app.

The feature is pretty straight-forward and it’s an addition to the Home Stream.

To help you sort through the many Collections and Communities where people share, we’ve created a new feature called Topics. With Topics, you’ll see a high-quality stream of Collections, Communities and people related to things we think you’ll be interested in.

At this point, it seems the feature is not customizable in any way and it’s probably driven by Google’s own algorithm. If the feature will get more people interested in the social network is very hard to tell, but it seems Google is pretty keen on updating and adding fresh features to the platform. The company also promises that users will be able to find way more content via Topics, from interesting content to whole comunities that cover different topics.

I’m sure nobody was expecting this addition, we’re pretty stoked that Google is still upgrading their platform. Time will tell if this feature or future additions will revive the platform, but we’ll give this a go for now.


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