Google Play Books Update 3.1.17 Makes Some Noticeable Improvements



The Google Play Books app has slowly been rolling out update 3.1.17 and it seems that it finally has added some long awaited features such as, uploading books directly from your device, opening books faster, and more.


As the title mentions, the update to 3.1.17 for the Books app is currently rolling out to devices. You can also find the .APK update file online and manually update the application if you so desire. Some of the new improvements included in the update are are features that many users have been waiting quite awhile for, one of the biggest features now is that you can upload books directly from your device rather than use Google’s website. Just open any book in any Android file manager or even from your e-mail, and you’ll see a new option to Upload to Play Books. Considering you’ve been able to do this with iOS for awhile now, at least open from e-mail, it’s about time the Google version of Books allows you to do this.

The update also seems to improve on usability and functionality making it quicker and smoother opening up books. It could just feel that way, but I’m not the only one who has notice this improvement. The application also shows a relevant cover photo of the book while the book is loading, this may be partially the reason it feels like it is loading faster too. The UI in Notes has also received some much needed love, as you can now set colors and remove them more conveniently.

Bullet-Point Recap

  • Upload PDF’s and EPUB files directly to your library by opening them from e-mail or any file manager.
  • Books open faster and smoother.
  • Improved look and functionality to highlights and notes.
  • Ability to lower brightness setting in app.
  • Dismiss recommended books in Read Now.
  • Read any book in the landscape view.
  • Additional improvements to stability, performance, and accessibility.