Google’s ‘Best Apps of 2014’ list is upon us


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As this year is nearing its end, Google has decided to provide us with its own list of the best apps of 2014 in the Play Store. The list has a mix of paid and free apps and can be accessed here from your desktop or Android device.

It looks like Google went all out with this list, seeing as how there is no noticeable pattern in it. A lot of them were expected to make the cut but there are others like Obscure that are quite unknown although that obviously does not mean they should be excluded from such a list. If you are a fan of our own articles on the best apps you can find, you should definitely check out Google’s own list. Who knows, you might even find a few apps that will take a permanent place on your device. I do wish they had not included some of them like BuzzFeed and the Daily Mail but that is just me.