Hearthstone: Naxxramas Final Wing (Frostwyrm Lair) Released


It has now been four weeks since Hearthstone launched it’s Curse of Naxxramas dungeon, and the final wing has now been released. Players can now head to the Frostwyrm lair to take on two extremely powerful bosses: Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad. As with all wings, you can purchase access to it with either 700 in-game coins, or $6.99 USD. If you haven’t purchased all of the previous wings yet, you’ll need to do that first (as well as defeat all of their bosses). There is a special deal for purchasing all remaining wings, and that’s $5 for each one.

Curse of Naxxramas Recap


Let’s briefly look at all of the past bosses and rewards in the first four wings of the expansion. Here are the boss names, with the rewarded card in parenthesis.

  • Arachnid (1st Quarter): Anub’Rekhan (Haunted Creeper x2), Grand Widow Faerlina (Nerub’ar Weblord x2), Maexxna (Nerubian Egg x2), Wing Reward: Maexxna, Class Challenges: Druid and Rogue
  • Plague (2nd Quarter): Noth the Plaguebringer (Stoneskin Gargoyle x2), Heigan the Unclean (Unstable Ghoul x2), Loatheb (Sludge Belcher x2), Wing Reward: Loatheb, Class Challenges: Hunter and Mage
  • Military (3rd Quarter): Instructor Razuvious (Dancing Swords x2), Gothik the Harvester (Spectral Knight x2), The Four Horsemen (Deathlord x2), Wing Reward: Baron Rivendare, Class Challenges: Shaman and Warlock
  • Construct (4th Quarter): Patchwerk (Undertaker x2), Grobbulus (Mad Scientist x2), Gluth (Zombie Chow x2), Thaddius (Wailing Soul x2), Wing Reward: Feugen and Stalagg, Class Challenges: Priest and Warrior

Frostwyrm Lair Rewards

In the final area of Naxxramas, there are six cards to be unlocked: four standard, one legendary, and one class specific for Paladins. The Class Challenge is against the final boss, Kel’Thuzad, and the reward is one Avenge card, which is a 1 mana cost secret that gives a friendly minion +3/+2 when one of your minions dies.










Defeating the first boss in the lair, Sapphiron, rewards the player with Echoing Ooze x2. This is a 2 mana cost, 1/2 minion with a Battlecry that summons an exact copy of this minion at the end of the turn. If you are playing against an opponent with this card, you’ll want to either silence or transform the minion to prevent it from replicating itself over and over again.

Avenge_Gold Kel'Thuzad_Gold








Kel’Thuzad rewards Shade of Naxxramas x2. This is a 3 mana cost, 2/2 minion with Stealth, and it gains +1/+1 at the start of your turn. Defeating Kel’Thuzad also means you have completed the wing (and the entire raid for that matter), which rewards you with a Ke’Thuzard card. This is an 8 mana cost, 6/8 minion that summons all friendly minions who died during a turn, at the end of that turn.

What is next for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft?

With the Naxxramas updates now out of the way, it leaves some room for speculation as to what Hearthstone is going to offer next. A few things have been discussed within the community, such as 2v2 battles, more raids, and alternative game modes. Nothing has been confirmed by Blizzard as of yet, but we will definitely keep you posted on all things Hearthstone related.

For now, you can check out our full review of Hearthstone, as well as some Tips & Tricks, and even a guide on building a good deck — right here on Pocketmeta. Make sure you leave a comment below with your thoughts about the fifth and final wing of Naxxramas, the Frostwyrm Lair, below!