Android is the OS that lets you customize pretty much everything. Android apps make many aspects of our life and work so much easier. This is the case with Hermit, a little app that converts websites into lite apps, Android only.

Say, you are a subscriber or an avid reader of a certain online magazine, or journal. It also offers a nifty mobile app that lets you navigate the website with ease. You download, it, and after a while, you notice that very magazine app is a battery hog, or runs sneakily in the background even after you close it. Or, it would pull too much of your personal data and upload it to a server in China. You know, some apps do that.

Hermit lets you turn your favorite websites into apps bypassing the original apps that, for some reason, may be a turn-off.

Step 1. Download Hermit, open it and notice how browser-like it is. Tap the menu at the top left corner. It looks like the hamburger, or simply the three horizontal lines.
Step 2. Tap Create.
Step 3. Either use the URL (search bar) to find the website or paste the URL you copied previously. Hit Enter.

Hermit also has a list of popular websites on its homepage – check those out, too.

Step 4. Check if the web page that opens is the one you need and look at the menu at the bottom – this is where you can customize the name of the lite app you are about to create.
Step 5. Tap Create.
Step 6. Again, tap Create in the confirmation window.
Step 7. Go to your Android home screen – the newly created lite app should be there, complete with its icon and title.

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Now, the lite app also comes with a set of options. Launch your lite app and check out the cog icon at the top right corner. Here, you can block ads, enable night mode, customize font type and color. In other words, you can personalize the lite app looks and behavior.

Alternatively, if installing a third-party app does not sound too inviting, you know you have the Chrome feature that adds website shortcuts to your home screen, don’t you?

Here is how you add a shortcut (icon) to a website to your home screen using Chrome for Android. Open the website you wish to add to your home screen in a Chrome tab → tap the menu in the top right-hand corner → Add to Home Screen.

Voila, the website icon is now on your home screen looking like an app, but it is basically just a link that opens in Chrome. However, it only requires a single tap to open a specific website in your browser.


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