Huge Update for Fruit Ninja is now Live!



It was only a couple of weeks ago that Halfbrick announced that they would be doing major renovations to their extremely popular game Fruit Ninja. At the time, they tentatively scheduled the free update for early October, and apparently they meant very early. The major update to Fruit Ninja went live today, and it offers a plethora of changes and enhancements to the game and it’s Interface. Halfbrick had been teasing new features leading up to the release of the update, but now we finally get a chance to see them in action.

One of the biggest, and most needed additions to the game, is the new leaderboard system that allows you to see how you match up against not only your friends, but the rest of the world too. The leaderboard actually allows you to examine what other high scoring players executed for the new item combos to achieve their high scores. These new item combinations are full of different surprises, and should add some excitement to a game that is quickly becoming outdated.

Take a look at the full features trailer below:

Along with the new item combos and leaderboards, the new update also introduces several characters to the game, which help you get acquainted with the newly added features. There is also a fully stream-lined Interface which will allow players to jump around between game modes and the new leaderboards very efficiently.

After hearing about all the new features and watching the trailer, it’s evident that Halfbrick really wanted to do a complete overhaul on Fruit Ninja — and they’ve done so successfully. It looks like a completely different game compared to the previous version. It should be noted that the update applies to both the Free and $1 versions of Fruit Ninja, on both iOS and Android platforms. Those who already own Fruit Ninja can simply update their current version of the game.

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Do you plan on trying out the new version of Fruit Ninja? Or do you think this game has already run it’s course, and Halfbrick should have done something new? Feel free to chime in via the Comments section below.