Humble Mobile Bundle 12 is here with Monument Valley, Joe Danger and more


Humble Mobile Bundle 12

The Humble Mobile Bundle 12 is finally upon us and it is absolutely fantastic, despite being more limited than previous offerings. This time around you can get your hands on a great selection of titles, divided into two different tiers.

Pay anything:

  • The Last Express
  • Spaceteam Premium
  • Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

More than average (Currently $3.87)

  • Monument Valley
  • Blek
  • Joe Danger

Though I have not played all the games in this list, I can tell you right now that they would cost you a total of $34 if purchased individually. The bundle is worth it just for Monument Valley and Joe Danger alone in my humble opinion so I highly suggest you grab it right now while the average price is still low, especially considering the fact that more games will be added to that tier in about a week’s time.