How To: Improve iPhone 5s Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor



If you haven’t been too impressed by Apple’s new iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor, this quick trick may help.


Apple had released a new fingerprint sensor update to the iPad Air and the iPad Mini Retina back in September, and well the initial release of the new feature worked well for most users, the experience using it with the iPhone 5s wasn’t quite as good for many. Often times, after placing a finger on the Home button, it wouldn’t read the fingerprint and it would prompt to try again.

The feature has even garnered some confident reviews from prominent tech critics, and many still claim that the fingerprint sensor works well for them, however there is still plenty of complaints that the feature doesn’t work well. If you find yourself in the group that has a difficult time using the fingerprint sensor on your iPhone 5s, than this trick pointed out by Timothy Stenovec at the Huffington Post may be your solution.


The trick is really quite simple when you think about it, the iPhone 5s allows you to assign up to 5 different fingerprints to your device, this is generally so you can use different fingers to unlock your device. So, if you only unlock your phone with say – your thumb, than you just use your thumb for all five fingerprints. Basically what this does, is it gives the device multiple images of your thumb to unlock by, increasing the success of unlocking your device by however many prints you have stored. Now, if you share the device or use more than one finger to unlock it, you can just split up the five tries, maybe three prints with a thumb and two with a index finger.

It’s a pretty simple trick, but its an effective one. Several users that have used this method to improve the fingerprint sensor have reported positive results. So give it a try for yourself and let us know how it works for you. You can check out the original article by Timothy Stenovec at the Huffington Post listed below in the sources. As always, make sure to check back at PocketMeta for more iOS news, guides, and reviews.