Indie Game Bunny To The Moon Is the Best Thing That Happened to Flappy Bird


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Genre: Arcade
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Bunny to the Moon is the best thing that ever happened to Flappy Bird – I dare say. The premise is not new – Bunny is flapping its way with his long ears, up to the Moon. It is basically a vertical Flappy Bird, and it does not seem to bring anything new to the table, but it has some undeniable virtues that glued my family to their tablets for the past several days now.

The game works its magic on adults and kids alike. It is both easy to start playing and get hooked, but aggravatingly difficult to master. I, for one, am still struggling with the first environment, and there are four of them. The downside is I am getting a bit desperate and want to see the other areas, but I also feel as stubborn and optimistic as the protagonist.



Your hero is a very cute bunny, who dreams of flying to the Moon. He reads all these encyclopedias on How to Be A Bird and Flying 101. Eventually, he learns to flap his ears and sort of fly. It does not take him too far, though, so he is going to need your help navigating. Mainly because his flapping ears don’t let him see and evaluate the upcoming obstacles, which come in a variety of tree roots, branches, squirrels, clouds and rain, and probably some space junk, too.

It is a one-tap control system – tap and the bunny will flap its ears in the direction you tapped. Its movement trajectory is somewhat zig-zaggy due to obstacles and the way you have to let him fall a bit to gain enough room for maneuvering your way out from the narrow passages.

And so it goes on forever – an endless flight of strong will and determination of a little hero who dreams big. The developers even name it a game of optimism.



The primary charm of Bunny to the Moon is the art work. Created on Unity 3D, the game looks gorgeous – I loved everything from the backgrounds, roots and clouds to the bunny itself. Pair that with a relaxing and catchy soundtrack and you get a nerve-wrecking and surprisingly inspiring experience.

Games like these don’t stay long on my devices simply because I get too upset when I fail for a long time – what’s the use in a game you can’t even progress? However, Bunny is here to stay until I take the little pink fur ball, who is a Unicorn at heart, to the Moon.


Bunny to the Moon does not deviate from the genre’s requirement of being nearly impossibly difficult, but it does not ruin the fun of it. On the contrary, the game has created an adorable character you will want to keep playing until the two of you get it to the Moon.

That said, players of any age can pick it up and play, and with a healthy dose of persistence, win.

Occasionally, the setting changes, but there are only a few deviations in the locations of traps, so you can potentially remember where they are.

What I also liked is how the game manages to eliminate the element of violence – yes, the bunny hits his ears against an obstacle with an audible thump, and falls, but there is no indication of him dying.

Since we mentioned death, you play with one and the same bunny – he doesn’t die, nor does he have a life count. Isn’t that a delight?



The game is free and ad-supported, but truth be told, I am usually so focused on gameplay here I don’t notice any overly intrusive ads. Once in a while the game will offer you take a look at a partner’s game, but that does not happen very often. You can purchase ad-free version on the developer’s website for $1.29.


The main perk is your best score, which you can submit to the global leader boards or share via your Facebook.



  • Addictive gameplay – difficult, but inspiring
  • Cute protagonist, charming premise
  • No IAPs, non-intrusive ads
  • Smooth performance
  • Gorgeous art work and soundtrack
  • Perfect time killer and reflex tester for gamers of all ages
  • Collectible permanent upgrades, which are supposed to make your progress easier
  • Taps into your ‘just one more try’ brain zone
  • Fine sense of humor


  • Nothing I can think of, except for it’s nearly impossible to make a decent screenshot for the sheer speed of the gameplay


Bunny to the Moon is one of the best entries to the niche of time killers lately. It may not be overly innovative in its gameplay, but its graphics and soundtrack, and most importantly its spot on choice of protagonist and the story make it a go to pacifier for adults and kids. It is completely free, lightweight and smooth in performance, and offers short gameplay sessions. It will test your reflexes, but it will also set a positive mood, for its message is that of determination and optimism. Get it – you won’t regret.

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