Some of the Insanely Expensive Apps for iPhone



Even though there might be little use in this information, it might be fun to know what iTunes has to offer to the elite users of iPhones who can afford to pay a thousand dollars for an application. What functions can a $1000-application have to justify the price? Or placing a VIP tag on the app makes it appealing to those subject to vanity? Let us take a look at some of the most expensive apps available on iTunes and try to estimate whether they are all insanity-driven, or some of them really feature options worth a fortune?


VIP Black by iVIP Ltd. comes at $999.99 and is iPhone 5 optimized; it requires iOS 4.3 and later and runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A premium lifestyle that can only be downloaded by people who can prove their assets are, or income is above 1 million GBP. On-demand concierge, butlers, personal trainers, personal stylists, exclusive hotels, villas, private jets and a personalized consultation to explore how the app can benefit the applicant’s lifestyle. It’s an invitation-only app for the wealthiest of people.

Conclusion:  money can buy anything, but one’s own common sense, and love.

BarMax Ca by BarMax LLC is another $999.99 app will help you get prepared for a legal exam. Created by Harvard alumni, BarMax features 50 hrs of Harvard law professors audio lectures, 1500 MBE questions from previous exams, 130 CA practice essays, 30 CA performance tests and 800+ flashcards. Unlimited email and phone support and personalized essay feedback top up the cake icing.

Conclusion: what do Harvard professors do during their lectures if their students need such expensive apps to get ready for an exam? Cut the professors’ wages!

Agro by EZi APP is also a $999.99 app, but this one makes some sense since it is an app for professional agronomists and farmers. It is widely acknowledged by industry professionals as a powerful tool to store the client’s profile details with pesticides, crops and chemicals data.

Conclusion: Since agronomy experts claim it’s worth the money, we’ll take their word on it.


Barcelona vs Madrid by Alina Avdeeva probably scores the top position in the rating of the most ridiculously expensive apps with lousy feedback. A soccer game, as ‘stunning’ as it may look, is not worth $349.99. Never. High resolution graphics and animations won’t tempt anyone in their right mind to check-out a smartphone’s worth of money especially because soccer fans prefer better games on large screens.

Conclusion: 100% insane.

Mobile Cam Viewer by mobiDEOS Inc. costs $349.99 and allows monitoring security live cameras and surveillance devices, DVR, NVR, Video Server and webcams anytime from anywhere. That is one more valuable asset on the list.

Conclusion: 100% legitimate app worth the money. One can never be too secure.


SafeSession Voice Encryption by SONLEY ALLIANCE S.A. for $299 encrypts your VoIP calls you make via Internet channel. Encryption algorithms protect your sensitive communication from eavesdropping.

Conclusion: Today’s Internet is the territory of fear and surveillance, making apps like SafeSession a must for privacy-minded folks. However, encryption must be accessible for everyone on a free of charge basis.