Instagram App for iOS Update Let’s You Enhance Your Pics with the Improved Lux Filter



As interesting, funny or shocking a photo can be, it’s quality can certainly make it more or less attractive. Instagram knows that, which is why they pushed another update for their iOS app earlier today. There are no new features added to the app, instead you get an improves Lux filter.

The sun icon that made your pics look better was totally lacking customization. In other words, you could only get one result for any of your photos and sometimes it was a bit too much. Now, the Lux filter has a slider that lets you adjust the contrast and get a more satisfying result. You can not only dramatize the effect, you can also use the slider to desaturate your photos, should you need to.

When it comes to improving an anemic photo, lots of people prefer using one of the many photo editing apps. However, Instagram is really trying to give us a few useful yet easy to use filters for a quick, no-fuss fix.